These Curls are making me Thirsty

These Curls are making me Thirsty

Hydrating and conditioning, aren’t they the same thing?

Well, actually, NO!

Hydrating goes deep and fills up the moisture levels of your hair.

Imagine going for a run in the Aussie sun. A 38-degree day, with no hint of a coastal breeze. You make it home hot and thirsty (and you did a PB!). You go to the tap for water, and only 100ml comes out, that’s all. Ah!

That’s conditioning for you. Often slapped on while shaving your legs in the shower, conditioner is more of a surface thirst quencher. It seals in moisture and smooths the hair yes, but offers only a little on the hydration side.

What you need is ten times that to quench your panting curls.

You need hydration and here are my tips to getting it:


TIME matters

Keep your hydrating product on long enough to work it’s way deep into the hair cortex where it can really plump things up. Shave, face wash, sing, whatever you like, but give it a chance to do its job.

NEVER squeeze

the water out of your hair before you apply the conditioner. H20 is hydration, and you want to keep it there.

RINSE out with cool water

It helps close the hair cuticle and pores in the scalp sealing in the good stuff. So take a deep breath and enjoy that cool sensation on your body. You’ll know you’re alive!

Easy does it

Your hair is most fragile when wet, don’t rub it like you’re taking off nail polish. Instead, squeeze down the hair like your hands are sliding down a silk rope!


With flexible bristles that move with your curls, not drag on them. Your hair is elastic but dragged on, it will only stretch so far before it breaks so no hard bristles near your curls.

Remember, it takes time to restore hydration in hair that’s seen years of bleaching and straightening! Keep consistent. Keep at it.

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