Straight Hair - Type 1A, 1B, 1C

While straight hair is often seen as the standard of beauty, there is no one type of 'good' hair. In fact, straight hair is just one of many different types of hair... you may have heard of Straight Hair - Type 1A, 1B, 1C.

Below we'll explain each of these in detail.

Blessed with a head of silky, smooth straight hair? Do you wake up with effortless smooth hair after a rough night's sleep? Chances are, you have Type 1 hair, more commonly known as ‘straight hair’. 

Straight hair, or Type 1 hair, is characterised by its lack of natural curls. Falling from the scalp, usually without any curl or wave, or if you’re a Type 1C you may have a touch of texture. Coveted for its sleek look and ease of styling, straight hair often comes with its own set of challenges, including a tendency to become oily or look limp. The most common complaint ‘my hair has no volume and just looks flat all the time’. 

If that's you, don't worry! We’ve got you! Taking a deep dive into Type 1 hair, we’ll help you discover how to get the best out of your type 1 hair, tips to get some volume when you want it, and how to prevent that dreaded greasy scalp.

Brunette with type 1B hair

Straight Hair

Straight hair is generally classified into 3 types:

1A - Your hair is completely straight and can be quite fine in texture, it can also fall out or drop easily.

1B - Your hair is still very straight, but it has a very subtle wave and a slight bend at the end. It tends to be thicker than your friends with straight hair.

1C - Your hair tends to be coarser than others and will have more body. You can achieve a messier look easily but can experience flyaways and frizz.

What Type of Hair Do You Hair?

  • Black 1a type hair

    Type 1A Hair

    What you see is exactly what it is. Straight to the core.

    If you looked at the strand under a microscope you would see a perfect circular shape to the hair strand.

    Straight hair is less likely to tangle and it often feels smoother to the touch (this is because of the shape of the strand, not necessarily because it is healthier). Straight hair has the appearance of looking shinier, purely because light can reflect off the surface easier.

    This hair type will always struggle to hold curls due to the circular shape of the strand and the linear arrangement of the protein bonds.

  • brown 1b type hair

    Type 1B Hair

    This hair type is still quite straight in its attitude. But as you can see in the image above, it does tend to have a little bit more body and bend throughout the length.

    The reason for this is that the shape of the hair strand is not quite a perfect circle. Instead it is oval.

    Creating bounce and body that 1A hair doesn't naturally have.

    1B hair is slightly better at holding some movement when styled.

  • blonde 1c type hair

    Type 1C Hair

    On the thicker/coarse side of straight hair types is Type 1C hair.

    1C can often be prone to frizz more than the 1A and 1B. This frizz can often be brought on due to the weather or the climate in which you are situated.

    1C does sit on the dryer side, so make sure you spend some time tending to your hair hydration needs.

    1C can naturally/air dry into stunning 'beach boho'.

    You will also find that this hair type is the best at curl retention when styled.

brunette with 1B type hair

Straight Hair Type 1A, 1B, 1C Hair Care and Maintenance

Straight hair has a beautiful, naturally shinier appearance and can effortlessly fall into soft bends with gentle bounce. Below are some ways to care for and protect your straight hair.

✔️ Shampoo and Condition with a Hydrating Shampoo and Conditioner, we recommend Nourish and Flourish Shampoo and Conditioner.

✔️ Avoid straightening your straight hair with irons too often.

✔️ To create volume in your hair, use a styling gel and Flexi brush to get the lift and sustain through the root areas, we recommend Oomph or POW, and our Flexi Brush. Always use the brush at a 90-degree angle off the head to get volume where you want it.


FAQs for Type 1 Straight Hair

Frequently asked question

Experiment with layers or bangs for added dimension. Updos and braids can also add interest to straight hair.

What are the struggles of straight hair?

Limpness, oiliness, and lack of volume are common issues.

What is the best haircut for type 1 hair?

Layered cuts or blunt bobs can add volume and shape.

Do I have type 1 or 2 hair?

If your hair has no natural wave, it's likely Type 1. If there's a slight wave, it might be Type 2A.

Can Type 1 hair be frizzy?

Yes, especially in humid conditions. Use a smoothing serum to combat frizz.

How often should you wash Type 1 hair?

Every 2-3 days, depending on oiliness.

How do you maintain Type 1 hair?

Gentle washing, light conditioning, and regular trims.

Should guys wet their hair everyday?

It depends on hair type and scalp condition. Daily wetting without shampooing can refresh the hair.

Can Type 1 hair be thick?

Yes, especially Type 1C can be quite thick.

What is an example of type 1 hair?

Asian hair is often a classic example of Type 1, particularly 1A and 1B.