Curl Tutorials

Below you’ll find all the training and support for the 5 different Curl Routines PLUS so much more.

It's time to binge on some 'Curl-Edu' get some popcorn and enjoy the learning.

Choose a curl routine that best fits your unique lifestyle to find the set of steps you will follow to master your very own Curls Made Easy routine. 

NB Super important to watch the 'Frizz & Hydration 101' it is the foundation of everything we do.



DEMO - Curl Founder Jonina shows you how she gets ready for her day

Have you ever wondered if your doing your curly hair right?

Well, there's no right or wrong way here, just good results, and less good results.

LOHY. Founder Jonina shows how she gets her hair ready in 25 minutes.

FRIZZ - an Introduction to why curly hair becomes Frizzy

Have you ever wondered what makes your hair frizzy? Or what makes one person's hair straight and another Curly? This video is going to help answer these questions and also help you understand the foundations of Curls.

Step 1: The Wash routine.

The first step to healthy curls is to wash them correctly.

You need to cleanse your hair, remove product build-up, dirt and excess oils without stripping your hair bare, then by correctly hydrating the hair strand you are preparing it for the dehydrating world it has to face every day.

The secret to losing that frizzy hair is getting these first foundational hydrating steps right.

LAX: a more relaxed approach to your curly hair routine.

This routine is for the curly who wants to spend less time on their curls but still enjoy lasting results.

Every curly can appreciate the LAX routine and will definitely be a go-to in your curly hair routines.

The LAX will also help you if you’re feeling low-key, or have a cool shaggy/boho vibe.

HERO: The full guide to hydrating and styling your curly hair.

Learn our HERO curls made easy routine a.k.a the routine that gives the best results. You will gain MAX volume and will set yourself up for a longer-than-usual wash cycle! You’ve got this, we recommend every curly add this routine to your repertoire.

PIXIE - a Routine for shorter curls

Your curls are amazing but fit into a different category and need to be cared for differently.

Learn our PIXIE curly hair routine, understand how to get curl form and definition without hundreds of steps.

MINI - A parents curl routine for the kids

Learn our MINI curl routine, generally the curly hair routine for our under 13s.

This super simple curly hair routine is created so that even your MINI could do some, if not all of it themselves.

FRO - a tutorial for afro/textured hair

Learn our FRO routine a.k.a the routine for all Curl Friends that have coily, kinky, or afro Curls that need some extra TLC. This routine is recommended to be done once a week to maintain Health, Definition, and Beautiful Curls.

How to use a curly hair cozy

Watch how to use the Curly Hair Sleep Cozy to protect your curly hair!

Jonina teaches you her favourite tips for long mermaid curly girls.

Alongside her tips for those who find the curly hair sleep cozy slips off during the night.