Combs for Curly Hair

Luscious curls, bouncy spirals.. But what's that… knots! Big. Ugly. Dread-like knots. Everyone gets them, but those blessed with curly hair, know the road to a perfect hair day can often be paved with unexpected tangles and unwelcome frizz. 

Avoiding knots? Impossible. But the good news is you CAN extract them a whole lot easier by using a comb for curly hair. Curly hair demands tools that help to simplify your everyday routine. 

Crafted with precision, understanding and cutting edge technology the Flexi-Brush is a specially designed Comb for Curly Hair, that looks and feels like just a brush! 

The Flexi-Brush will quickly become part of your daily Curl Care Routine. Designed to effortlessly detangle curls, the brush-like comb makes sure your curls stay vibrant, free of tangles, and beautifully defined. It's not just a detangling comb; it's a game-changer for your curls.

Why Our Comb for Curly Hair is Unparalleled

  • Brush through beautiful red wavy hair

    Gentle Yet Effective Design

    Not all detangling combs are created equal.

    Made from a superior material, quality is ensured with every curve, tooth and flexibility of our comb deliberately fashioned.

    Keeping the complex nature of curly hair in mind the flexi-brush detangling comb has an anti-static touch, so say goodbye to those unexpected, electric moments post-combing! 

    It’s flexible - but strong, It’s tough- yet gentle. Design influences mean the Flexi Brush looks and feels like a brush, but has the benefits of a detangling comb.

    Celebrating your curls means looking after them, and keeping your hair hydrated and free from tangles is now easy with LOHY’s Flexi Brush.

  • short coily hair

    Minimal Breakage, Maximum Definition

    Curly hair requires tools that are designed to handle its unique challenges. Frizz. Knots. Maximum Breakage and split ends

    Curls need a comb that, when detangling hair, causes minimal damage and creates maximum definition.

    Using LOHY’s Flexi Brush, with its comb like features and structure you will experience a significant reduction in hair breakage and split ends

    Untangling even the most stubborn knots, the comb ensures each curl retains its natural shape and vigour.

    Beyond just detangling, the flexi brush helps to define curls because of its comb like design, encouraging maximum definition.

    Simplify your hair care regimen and give your curls the definition and protection they deserve.

  • beautiful wavy hair

    Convenient and Easy to Use

    Curly hair doesn't hit the pause button on its demands!

    Whether you're lounging at home or navigating the bustle of the day our comb is designed with versatility in mind.

    Serving as your trusty sidekick for daily styling and quick touch-ups on-the-go, the Flexi Brush, with its comb-like design is convenient and easy to use.

    Constructed with superior craftsmanship, its durability stands up to the tests of time and travel. 

    Plus, its hassle-free maintenance ensures that it remains an essential part of your hair toolkit, effortlessly transitioning between uses.

    Where convenience meets quality. Experience the LOHY difference.

How to Use Our Comb for Curly Hair

User Guide

Unleashing the full potential of your curls has never been simpler with LOHY's comb. 

How to use: Follow these steps in our user guide for the best results:

  • Preparation: Ensure your hair is slightly damp. This will aid in reducing any potential breakage.
  • Hold Correctly: Hold the comb with the wider teeth facing upwards. This design is intentional to cater specifically to curly hair types.
  • Start at the Tips: Initiate the detangling process from the tips of your hair.
  • Work Your Way Up: Gently progress towards the roots, ensuring you're detangling in sections for ease.
  • Pair for Perfection: For best results, use alongside LOHY's range of hydrating and conditioning hair products.

Have any doubts or questions on the process? Our complete FAQ section is here to address all your combing concerns.

Real Experiences: Customer Testimonials

Hear It from Our Happy Customers

At LOHY, we're not just about creating top-notch products; we're about transformations.

Genuine customer testimonials that echo the difference our comb has made in their curly hair journey, happy customer - Happy Us!

Claudia says,

My hair was unmanageably knotty! But with the combination of the flexi brush and it’s comb-like design, and a good conditioner, my knots literally disappear!”

See the changes for yourself with our before-and-after snapshots. Proof that the right tools can give you the right results!

With feedback that resonates and results that are tangible, it’s clear to see why so many curly-haired customers are celebrating their best hair days with LOHY.

short curly hair model headband
beautiful brown curly hair
long thick curly hair model
model hands in curly hair
Men wavy hair short

Love this Brush

Easy to use, gentle on my hair. Highly recommend

Lynn C

Flexi brush...

Luv, Luv ❤️ this brush use it in the shower, so much easier to spread the Conditioner evenly through my hair. Best brush I've ever used. Thankyou 😃

Julie B

Flexi brush

I’ve always used an Afro comb. I love this brush!! I’m converted. It’s soft and glides through my hair without damaging it. I love it

Nicole W

No words!

Very well suited for all curly hair types. Don't leave home without it!


The only brush that can handle my hair with kindness

This is by far the best brush I've found for my hair. As I have a curly hair that tangles easily, this brush allows me to not pull or damage my hair while taking carte of it.
Totally recommended


Frequently Asked Questions About Comb for Curly Hair

FAQs: We’ve created a list of our most frequently asked questions, and answers below!

What material is the LOHY comb made of?

The comb is crafted from high-quality materials that ensure durability while being gentle on your curls. The anti-static properties prevent frizz, ensuring your curls remain tamed and beautiful.

Compatibility with all hair types?

Absolutely! Whether you have loose waves or tight coils, our comb is designed to glide effortlessly, detangling and defining each curl type without causing breakage.

How do I clean the comb?

Cleaning is a breeze! Simply rinse under warm water and gently use a brush to remove any trapped hairs or product build-up. Its design ensures easy maintenance for long-lasting use.

Will the comb cause hair breakage?

Our comb is specifically designed with wide-tooth spacing to minimise breakage and reduce stress on hair strands. It's all about protecting your curls while enhancing their natural beauty.

Can I carry this comb on-the-go?

Of course! Its compact design ensures it fits snugly in your bag or purse, making it your perfect curl companion, anytime, anywhere.

Is the comb suitable for both wet and dry hair?

Yes, whether you're fresh out of the shower or looking for a midday touch-up, our comb is versatile and adapts to the needs of your hair.

Because the comb materials are durable and water resistant you can even use in the shower.

Embrace the LOHY experience with confidence, your curls deserve nothing but the best.

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