Curly Questions - FAQ

Find the answers to your curly question's here.

Years of deep curl convos with clients, chats in the back with the team, and being generally all over it in terms of curls, the same questions do frequently pop up. We think we’ve worked out some answers.

Where can I find the Ingredients list?

You can find the list here: Ingredients Glossary

Do you have a stockist near me?

We hope so, but check our Stockist list here

How often should I wash my curly hair?

Your curls and your natural oils are best friends. Hair gets frizzy and upset without its natural oils around. So, they need time together (no less than two days for a real connection).

Curls after the gym or a swim may need a wash, but the priority is keeping your hair happy and connected with its natural oil friend.

How can I get rid of frizz and get more curl definition?

Frizz screams of thirsty hair. Focus on the hydration step on your next wash day (like grabbing your drink mid-workout). Then, add deep conditioning for further tlc.

Getting defined curls is also about how you use your products. Always move your product from your roots all the way to your ends. Then once your curls are set and dry, don’t play with them or you’ll lose your clumps (and won’t get a biscuit!)

Go to the Yes Curl Coach for further How-to’s.

Can curly girls use a brush?

It’s all about when, where, and what.
When dry brushing, you’ll get fluffy, frizzy hair that is untameable. I know you’re not after the finger-in-power-socket look, so don’t do that.

In the shower, at the hydration and conditioning step, we swear by a brush to help distribute the product through and into your curls.

What you don’t want is hard-bristled brushes anywhere near your curls. Your hair is elastic but dragged on, it will only stretch so far before it breaks.

Use the Yes Hair Flexi Brush that moves with your curls, slow dance style.

How often should I do a deep condition or moisture treatment on my curly hair?

Feel free to do a moisture treatment as much as you like.

2 weeks can be a good benchmark.

Having consulted with thousands of curlies, no two heads of curls are the same.

Weigh up your hair history and its damage/colour/keratin etc. and how often you wash it. You’ll know when your hair is getting thirsty, so add a treatment in-between if needed.

Our Drench & Quench Moisture Mask is your go to for this.

My curly hair used to be lovely now it's just FRIZZY! Can I get my curls back?

Yes! Right now, the core of your hair is dry and neglected.

Go in deep with your hydration and repair team and get those curls back up and bouncing.

Then nurture the relationship; the more you “do curls” (scrunching up when styling), with each wash more and more curls will return, running into your arms.

Why doesn't my curly hair get any longer?

Tighter curls grow in a full circle before continuing downwards. You could say they take the long way to destination length.

Be patient, it will happen. All curls and waves grow length. Take a picture to compare your curls from last season.

Can I purchase a gift card for a friend with curly hair?

Gift Cards really are the best gift you can give.
You will be sent your gift-to-go OSFA voucher. Then you can forward it on to your special someone to make their day magic.

We can't issue refunds on gift cards. But if for some strange reason you have any issues with products purchased with your voucher, please read through our Returns and Refunds policy to help you with that.

What Payment Options are available?

All the standard payment options you would expect on an modern online eCommerce store: Credit Card, PayPal and AfterPay.

What if I change my mind?

If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with your purchase we will find this hard to believe and will shower you in many ways to help change your mind.

Actually, woops, the legal guys said that we can’t do that. Instead, we will give you a 30 day money-back guarantee from the time you receive the goods. Please email us at within that time if you are not satisfied with your purchase so that we can resolve any issues.

We recommend that you return the product (and they will need to be returned) via Registered Post and that you pre-pay all postage. You assume any risk of lost, theft or damaged goods during transit and therefore we advise you insure your parcel. Yes Hair Australia Pty Ltd will not be responsible for parcels lost or damaged in transit if you choose not to insure.

Can I be confident of quality?

We are trusted & stocked in leading professional Salons.

Australian-owned, Australian-made, and not tested on animals. Check out our ingredients, no nasties.

Are your curly hair products eco friendly?

Thanks for asking. We aim to be sustainable in both our warehouse and our products. We use completely biodegradable, solvent and chemical-free, non-toxic, and odourless paper tape to seal our parcels - it's water-activated. The boxes we use are also made from recycled materials.

What can I do to get rid of a keratin straightening treatment in my hair?

There is no easy way in this case, Keratin will grab onto some sections (often the ends) and not ever budge even though it is only meant to last 3-6 months. The only thing to do in this case is get a haircut.

Don’t lose heart though, the more you work Hydration and our Curls Made Easy Routines your Curls that aren’t affected by Keratin will come to life and become showstoppers!

How do you care for your Yes Curl Cozy?

I tend to wash it the same day I am washing my hair, so that when I have clean hair I also have a fresh Cozy to sleep in.

There isn’t a fancy way of washing the Cozy, machine wash with your clothes or linen on the same cycle you would the items it is being washed with.

What are the best products to use for type 3c hair?

Pre-treat your Curls with our Hush Nourishing Oil, between 30min-8hrs before wash day. Cleanse with our Nourish & Flourish Shampoo, Hydrate with our Drench & Quench Moisture Mask, then for your styling prime those Curls with Cruise Control Curl Cream and set your definition with POW Strong Hold Gel. This is a recipe for bouncy hydrated devine Curls.

Once I am using the Yeshair range, do I need to Clarify my hair?

No, the only time you would need to clarify your Curls is if you have used a product that isn’t water soluble, contains silicones, or leaves a buildup on your hair. The YH products are all water soluble and free from nasties including silicones!

Hi, I’m a hairdresser and would love to know how to get training from your team and become a stockist?

We would love to!!!! Click on the PROFESSIONALS TAB and fill out the form, someone will reach out to you asap and get you in the loop to learn everything Curls Made Easy.

Are your Shampoos ‘no foam’?

The Nourish & Flourish Shampoo is a Low Sud Shampoo, meaning that it can sud up lightly but the main focus of the product is to gently cleanse the hair and to shift any product build-up that has happened since last wash day, or environmental pollution absorption from day to day life. No squeaky clean feeling, but still clean.

How do I figure out what to buy?

You can do our Curly Hair Product quiz, which is above our header. It will ask you 4 simple questions and lead you to what we would recommend. Another option is send us an email with a picture of your natural hair to and one of our Hairdressers will let you know.

What's the best Gel to use under Chutzpah Foam?

That is a matter of opinion…. Oomph is our flexible, hydrating Gel, great for people who don’t like to feel product in their hair aka fine hair. POW is a true strong hold gel, if you have wavy hair POW and Chutzpah is your dream team, if you are a curly/coily then you can choose your strength of potion….aka desired result.

I have very course, thick wavy/curly hair. I get great definition when I use Oomph and Chutzpah, but the hold isn’t quite strong enough. Any recommendations?

You would definitely benefit from the POW which is our Strong Hold Gel and the Cruise Control Curl Cream.

The Cruise Control is a hydrating/priming styler. It has hydrating leave-in conditioner-type properties but also has slight holding properties - my husband uses it as his hair styler now. Cruise is a hybrid between a gel and a leave-in conditioner and is fantastic for priming your curls ready for the gel application.

How I would recommend using them together;

-Section your wet hair and apply the cruise control, it is a high quality product so don't feel you need to apply a lot of it. Less is more until you find the right amount for your hair and hair length.

-Brush it through like you would the Oomph (don't forget to emulsify)-then apply the POW in the same way as you would Oomph.

-Diffuse or air-dry whatever is your routine.

-Scrunch out the crunch and that's it. Then you can use a small amount of Chutzpah on a refresh day when you mist your hair down if you want.

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