Oil for Curly Hair

Managing curly hair can often feel like battling a maze of tangles, frizz, and unpredictable volume.

That's where our Hush Oil for Curly Hair will become your new best friend!

Formulated to address the unique challenges that often come with curly hair, this oil not only enhances curl definition but also ensures your curls remain hydrated.

Revitalised, beautifully defined, and deeply hydrated curls are just a few drops away.

Why Our Oil for Curly Hair is a Game-Changer

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    Natural Ingredients for Maximum Nourishment

    In a market saturated with haircare products, LOHY’s Hush oil is a stand out! 

    Formulated with premium organic and natural ingredients, LOHY’s Hush oil provides nourishment and frizz control for curly hair.

    At LOHY, we understand the need for genuine hair care, which is why we make sure our products are 100% devoid of substances like sulphates or silicones.

    Created from natural ingredients, we make sure every curl gets the wholesome nourishment it deserves.

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    Easy Application for Busy Lifestyles

    Life is busy!

    So, your hair care routine should be as straightforward as possible.

    With our easy application process, this oil is designed for quick absorption into your curls, making sure your curls get the nourishment they need.

    Easily integrated into your daily routine, just a few drops of the Hush Oil is all you need to hydrate, nourish and define your curls.

    Making every day styling a breeze!

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    Lasting Benefits for All Curl Types

    One Oil, shielding a multitude of curls!

    The unique formulation of Hush Oil, doesn't just hydrate; it becomes a shield for your hair.

    Frizz reduction and impressive definition for all curl types!

    From the tightest coils to the most relaxed waves, the lasting benefits of Hush Oil include, deep hydration, enhanced curl definition and post styling-shine.

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How to Use Our Oil for Curly Hair

Step-by-Step Usage Instructions

Unleash the full potential of curly hair with these easy-to-follow steps for using Hush Hair Oil. 

  1. Preparation: Ensure your hair is either damp or dry based on your preference.
  2. Measure: Pour a few drops of the oil into your palm.
  3. Warm: Rub your hands together to evenly distribute and warm up the oil.
  4. Apply: Begin massaging the oil onto your hair, concentrating primarily on the ends and mid-lengths.
  5. Adjust: Depending on your hair's length and thickness, adjust the quantity of oil used.
  6. Refer to FAQ’s: If you have questions or concerns about the application or any of our usage instructions, our FAQ’s section is available to offer clarity and further guidance.

Knowing how to use the oil correctly is key to unlocking luscious, well-defined curls.

Customer Testimonials: Real Results from Real Users

What Our Customers Are Saying

Only good things!

From taming the wildest frizz to bringing out the most radiant shine, see the change for yourself through our compelling before-and-after photos.

Join our community of satisfied customers and experience real results with every application.

Our authentic customer testimonials are a reflection of just how good our products are.

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Coily hair model
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Why did I wait so long to try this!

Perfect way to use after scrunching out the crunch! Finishes off the entire process beautifully I’ve noticed my curls last longer…definitely will be buying more. Cheers

Pauline E

Best curly hair products ever!! This one smells delicious and help my grey curly hair


The best hair oil

My scalp and hair cannot handle dense, heavy oils like coconut that just coat the hair and weigh down my curls. Hush oil is the complete opposite. I use it to break the gel cast and it feels and smells wonderful. So so light and hydrating. I also use it every few weeks for a leave in scalp treatment and my hair feels so light!

Shanine M

You smell amazing!

This is what people say when you walk in to a room after using Hush Oil. Absolutely delicious!

Elise T

Great calming oil for my hair when it decides to frizz

This oil is great to put on after I have washed my hair. Really helps to calm my hair and gives it a beautiful shine without looking at all oily. Also has a wonderful smell.


Frequently Asked Questions About Oil for Curly Hair

Below, we've addressed the most commonly asked questions about our "Oil for Curly Hair", ensuring you're informed at every step of your hair journey.

How does the oil interact with other hair products?

Our oil seamlessly blends with most hair care products, enhancing their effect.

Is it safe for daily use?


Given its safety profile, daily use is safe. Results will vary depending on your hair type and individual needs.

Can I use the oil with heat styling tools?

Yes, but always ensure you apply a heat protectant to maintain the oil's benefits.

Is the oil silicone-free?

Indeed. We prioritise the health of your curls, so no harmful silicones are added.

How long should I leave the oil in my hair?

While it's great for a leave-in, we suggest a minimum of 30 minutes for deeper nourishment.

Is it suitable for colour-treated hair?

Absolutely. It's designed to nourish without affecting the colour.

Does it help in frizz control?

Yes, regular use will noticeably reduce frizz and flyaways.

What's the shelf life of the oil?

Our oil remains potent for up to 24 months from the manufacturing date.

Can it be used on the scalp?

Certainly. It promotes scalp health leading to stronger hair roots.

Is there a specific way to store the oil?

A cool, dry place away from direct sunlight ensures longevity.

Further information

Check the FAQs page for a more comprehensive look at common queries.

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