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Hair management isn't an expression that makes us feel all warm and giddy, is it?.. Hair celebration however? Now that's exciting! We all know curls have their challenges, (from unpredictable frizz to curls that refuse to hold, the struggle is real), but with the right help, curls can be gloriously and spectacularly celebrated!

LOHY’s specially formulated curly hair gel has been designed with precision and care. It's the answer to your curl woes. Finally you can not only add some control to your curls, you can enjoy the benefits of frizz-free hair, defined and nourished healthy curls too.

Why Our Gel for Curly Hair is a Game-Changer

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    Maximum Hold with No Flaking

    Tried countless curl gels only to be left with crispy, flaky results? It's frustrating right?!

    And you’re certainly not alone! That's why at LOHY we created a maximum hold  curly hair gel that sidesteps this all-too-common pitfall.

    Formulated with precision, all of our curly hair gel products promise maximum hold, and curls that stay bouncy and defined throughout the day without leaving behind any unsightly residue. 

    Have confidence in long-lasting curls that move naturally and stay defined, proving once and for all that strength and elegance can coexist in harmony.

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    Nourishing Ingredients for Healthy Hair

    Uncover the secret to healthy, soft nourished curls! Our blend of handpicked nourishing ingredients do more than just style your hair – they nurture it.

    Each bottle of LOHY’s hair  curly hair gel  is packed full of organic essentials to enhance curl vitality and radiance.

    With every use, you're not only styling but also boosting your hair with a diet rich in essential nutrients.

    Proudly standing tall in the LOHY ethos, our gel upholds a chemical-free composition, ensuring your curls receive genuine care without any hidden nasties.

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    Suitable for All Curl Types

    LOHY's Strong Hold Gel for curly hair is your all-in-one solution for good hair days! 

    Crafted to be suitable for all curl types, whether you sport tight ringlets or loose waves, our formula guarantees maximum definition and hold.

    Enhance your natural curl pattern by applying a Curly Gel. Hair should also be trimmed regularly to prevent split ends and maintain shape.

    Beyond its compatibility with various curl types, the strong hold gel complements multiple styling methods.

    Twist-outs, wash-and-gos, braids and tousled beach waves – whatever your style, our curly hair gel gives you the hold and reliability you need.

LOHY's Curly Hair Gels

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How to Get the Most Out of Our Gel for Curly Hair

Application Guide for Stunning Results

Stunning results. Every time! Unlock the full potential of your curls with LOHY's exclusive

Application Guide. Our step-by-step approach teaches you how to use the products to guarantee every curl gets the care it deserves:

  • Start Fresh: Begin with damp, freshly washed hair for optimal gel absorption.
  • Section for Precision: Divide your hair into manageable sections. This ensures even product distribution.
  • Apply Generously: Using your fingertips, distribute the  curly hair gel evenly from root to tip. Brush through with the flexi brush to coat every strand. 
  • Style As Desired: Whether you're aiming for a twist-out, braid-out, or a simple scrunch, our gel's versatile formula caters to all styling methods.
  • Drying your curls: For best results, let your hair air-dry or use a diffuser on a warm setting.

For defined, frizz-free curls, use Lohy’s Curly Gel. Hair that is properly cared for will look and feel healthier with the right products.

How To FAQ's

How much gel should I use per section?

Start with a coin-sized amount and adjust based on your hair's length and thickness.

Can I mix the gel with other styling products?

Yes, our curly hair gel is designed to be compatible with other LOHY products for layered stunning results.

Do I need to reapply daily?

No. Our gel provides long lasting results. Invest in a high-performance Curly Gel. Hair that lasts more than a few days requires a more powerful styler like Pow strong hold gel. 

Simply reactivate the gel with a spray bottle of warm water.

For touch-ups or refreshed looks, you can reapply some gel as needed.


Styling your hair can be made easier when you use a good quality Curly Gel. Hair that is detangled and free of knots before styling will always result in smoother, more defined curls.

Master the art of perfect curls with a gel that maximises your hair's natural beauty.

Customer Transformations: Real-Life Success Stories

What Our Customers Are Saying

Customer Transformations don't exaggerate! 

Real-life testimonials only confirm what we already know to be true, LOHY’s strong hold gel has an undeniable WOW factor!

Gary raves,

"Lohy’s  curly hair gel transformed my unruly mop into defined, frizz-free curls - it's nothing short of miraculous!"

Accompanied by striking before-and-after images.

Lisa shares,

"I never believed a product could offer such a change until I tried LOHY's. The pictures speak for themselves!" 

These authentic testimonials highlight the tangible difference our curly hair gel products bring to the table.

Your curls deserve the best, and our customers agree that we’ve got the goods!

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Natural-looking, lasting curls

I have shoulder length fine hair. This product is gentle on my scalp, yet provides long-lasting curls. I like that it doesn’t look “wet” for the first couple of days after washing, like some other products, and that it can be refreshed with water, without going frizzy. I follow it up with chutzpah. The video guides for application are great. 👍🏻


4 day no refresh curls

This gel is fabulous! Strong peppermint scent going on, which disappears once the hair is dry. Gives a great cast, which can be challenging to break. But the results! I can get up to 4 days with minimal to no refresh! Loving this gel.


Love Pow!

I love using Pow.

It has the perfect amount of hold for my thick curls, and helps to create the best curls.

I don’t do a refresh after wash day and I find that with Pow, my hair keeps its curl longer and is so soft and shiny.

The minty smell is a bonus, and so fresh x


LOHY Oomph Gel

This gel is by far the best gel l have ever found for my curls. It has the desired result of taking away frizz without being heavy and the curls look natural and not full of product. Another bonus it doesn't make my scalp itch So good.


Frizz be gone

Since using Chutzpah and Oomph my frizz has disappeared and I have defined, soft, voluminous curls. I have never been one to like using products and was very hesitant at first, the results are worth it. I have increased the amount as I wasn't using enough at first. First photo is before, 2nd is day 2 and 3rd is wash day


Frequently Asked Questions About Gel for Curly Hair

Our FAQS page is loaded with expert insights into your most commonly asked questions and concerns

How to use the gel alongside other products?

Begin with your regular hair products, then apply our gel as the finishing touch. It layers beautifully without causing buildup. For best results, try a combination of a curl cream and strong hold Curly Gel. Hair with potential for maximum volume will thrive off this combo and give you lasting all day curls!

What sets this Curly hair gel apart from others on the market?

The unique features of our gel are its custom blend of nourishing ingredients tailored for curly hair.

It provides robust hold without crunchiness, ensuring curls remain soft and vibrant.

Is this gel suitable for sensitive scalps or skin?

Absolutely! Our curly hair gel has been formulated with gentle ingredients, making it ideal for those with sensitive scalps or skin.

Can I use this gel for both wash-and-go and more structured styles?

Yes, our curly hair gel products are versatile. Whether you're aiming for a natural wash-and-go look or a more defined style, it provides the hold and definition you need.

Does the gel leave any white residue or flakes?

No, our gel is specifically formulated to avoid flaking and white residue, ensuring your curls look fresh and clean all day.

How does the gel handle humidity?

Our gel is designed to combat frizz. Even on humid days, you can keep your curls in check with Curly Gel. Hair that's coarse in texture is more prone to frizz but can be easily managed with the right products.

Is the gel vegan and cruelty-free?

We pride ourselves on ethical formulations. Our gel is both vegan and cruelty-free, ensuring it aligns with your values while delivering outstanding results.

does sleep protection matter?

Hair that is well-moisturised and protected will always respond better to additional styling products like a curly gel. Hair also needs protection at night, we recommend using a silk or satin pillowcase to reduce friction and breakage.

How do i get my curls to last all day?

To achieve a long-lasting or moderate hold, consider adding to your routine a Curly Gel. Hair needs adequate hydration to maintain its natural bounce and elasticity, a hydrating Gel like Pow or Oomph will hydrate and style!

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