Mousse For Curly Hair

Taming curly hair can often feel like an uphill battle. Between the lack of definition and the ever-present frizz, achieving the perfect curls can seem almost impossible.

Enter Chutzpah Volumising Foam – the mousse for curly hair you've been waiting for. Formulated by curl experts to enhance curl definition and provide superior frizz control, this mousse is the secret weapon every curly-haired person needs in their tool arsenal.

  Unlock the true potential of your curls and let them shine with the unmatched power of Chutzpah.

Why Choose Chutzpah: The No.1 Mousse for Curly Hair

  • Mousse for curly hair wash

    Long-Lasting Hold Without The Crunchy Feel

    Gone are the days of sacrificing the natural feel of your hair for long-lasting hold! 

    Our advanced formulation technology ensures that this curly styling mousse for curly hair offers a powerful grip on your curls. Ensuring your styling and definition stays perfectly in place throughout the day - without the dreaded crunchy feeling that other hair mousse often leave’s you with. 

    Embrace the phenomenon of no-crunch mousse and let your curls bask in the soft, touchable hold only Chutzpah can deliver. Experience the blend of cutting-edge formulation technology and styling finesse today and discover a new era of hair styling with the Chutzpah curly hair mousse.

  • Hush oil on coily hair

    Natural Ingredients for Healthy Curls

    Our commitment to prioritising your hair's health with natural ingredients and organic formulations is fundamental to who we are at LOHY.

    Sourced from the purest origins, every drop of Chutzpah carries the nourishment that nature offers. We take pride in our sulphate-free blend, steering clear of harmful chemicals, ensuring that your curls not only look vibrant but truly thrive.

    Dive into a world where organic meets performance, and let your curls experience the gentle yet effective touch of Chutzpah's natural ingredients.

  • Coily hair model

    Versatility for All Curl Types

    Chutzpah Volumising Foam isn't just a mousse; it's a promise of versatility for all curl types. Whether you're flaunting gentle waves or rocking super tight coils, our formula works harmoniously with every twist and turn of your hair. Don't just take our word for it!

    Emma, with her cascading beach waves, raves, "Chutzpah has transformed my hair game!"

    While Tasha, sporting her proud head of coils, exclaims, "Finally, a product that understands my curls!".

    Dive into our sea of customer testimonials and see how Chutzpah caters to all curl types! The #1 Hair Mouse for curly hair.

See the Results: Customer Reviews

Real Reviews from Happy Customers

At the heart of Chutzpah Volumising Foam's success are the voices of our satisfied users. Our gallery of real results features transformative before-and-after images that speak volumes

Mousse for curly hair wash
Coily hair model
Beach waves blonde model
Blonde curly hair wash
Mousse for curly hair sample

Chutzpah did wonders, my waves are defined and free of frizz!They have never looked this healthy, and as vibrant as they do right now!


I've finally found a mousse that celebrates my coily hair!


This is the best volume foam I have ever used. It doesn’t leave my hair oily or flat and leaves my hair really soft, not sticky! Great for fine hair…

Janette S.

Another great Lohy product. I find it particularly good for the days you want to do a refresh . Apply some water and then the foam and my hair magically curls again without the frizz.


I have very fine slightly curly hair, always struggle with volume. Chutzpah really gives my hair volume, especially when used in conjunction with the volume combs. Great service by YesHair, thank you.

Irene M

Frequently Asked Questions about Mousse for Curly Hair

How often should I use Mousse for curly hair?

For daily hold and frizz control, feel free to incorporate it into your routine. However, adjust according to your specific hair needs and styling preferences.

**Remember, once you have product in your hair, a quick refresh with water reactivates the product and avoids adding unnecessary product.

Can I combine this mousse with other haircare products?


Chutzpah seamlessly blends with our other LOHY products.


Our commitment is to safety and quality.

Our mousse is crafted with a safety profile that caters to diverse hair types, ensuring optimal care and results for every curl out there.

Get Our Mousse for Curly Hair Today!

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