Pump Up the Volume

Pump Up the Volume

Your curls should speak volumes (like my cheeky pun?). Big and confident. But frizzy, like the too loud punter at the party, is obnoxious and annoying, right?

Follow these steps to get your groove on:

Hydrate for heavy lifting, not heavy hair

Gather around all curl types. Now tempting as it may be to want to hydrate big time, don’t go for the heaviest conditioner/mask out there. They’ll just weigh your curls down.

If your hair is on the curly/kinky side, yes, you need more product but wavies/curlies, you just can’t handle it (hey, there’s nothing wrong with a lightweight!)

Yes Quench and Drench is there for you.


More is more.

 Many curls make light work (re bouncy hair).

Before you start diffusing, make sure your curl clumps are many.

Why? Smaller clumps = more curls = volume! (turns out size does matter!)

And smaller equals quicker drying. Hallelujah.

Volume starts at the roots!

By all means, get comfy, pop in your headphones, flip and diffuse upside down.

But if you’re not feeling that physical, root clips are for you.

Secure your roots at right-angles from your scalp (90°). That way, you avoid flat roots and looking deflated on top! (no saggy, post-party ballons ‘round here!)

If you’re wavy like me, you’ll need to head flip often and give those roots a shimmy!

The compromise:

To get the volume of your dreams, your annoying frizz mate may have to tag along to the party for a little bit. Yes, this may mean you lose super cool definition, but you’ll have stronger volume for it.

Remember, confidence is the best thing a woman can wear. So wear that big hair and wear it proud!

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