Gel – v- Foam - Hair Products for curling

Gel – v- Foam - Hair Products for curling

Only YOU know what makes you feel beautiful.

There is so much exterior input coming your way, telling you what will and what won’t make you feel good. In a society that relies so much on the visual, it’s easy to get swayed by the trends and motions of the social media generation, while encountering dissatisfaction in it all.

At LOHY, we are ambassadors of natural beauty. More than that, we want your exterior to reflect what’s inside. We love that each curl has its own quirks. We see sleek, frizzy, coarse and fine curls. We love them all!

With that being said, we know the tools and tricks to make your hair work for you. Now, what’s the difference between foam and gel for curly hair? Only what you prefer.


Oomph Volumising Lotion is our go-to gel. It’s the Holy Grail of styling products.

Oomph Volumising Lotion is our go-to gel for curly hair. It’s the Holy Grail of styling products. Every curl finds itself encased and cushioned by this genius elixir. It’s like your secret garden for hydration. Bouncy, healthy curls, long lasting curls are its objective.


Chutzpah mousse for curly hair is something a little more free spirited…connected to mother nature, or whatever the weather is that day! It’s that done, yet still-you look you’ve been travailing over…without the actual travailing. With little effort, you can get definition and control with a big hint of un-done and wild.

I use both products for my wavy hair, and both serve their purposes well. My hair is wavy with lots of potential. Some days call for more definition and hold, which is when I call upon on my right-hand-man: old faithful gel. There’s way more predictability to my hair with gel. Gel is for a good set, weightless curls and a longer wash-cycle.

Some days I’m really lazy (well, most days). Foam is the main ingredient to my I-can’t-be-bothered curly routine. I love defined curls, but I also love me a bit of functional frizz. It’s a bit less “product-y”, so it’s good for those that want a bit less.

I also use them as a killer combo too! Sometimes my curls need a bit of extra hold. Foam is a good post-gel, pre-diffusing product. This technique is for the lovers of crunch. Often by the end of a wash cycle, my curls grow a bit limp and lifeless. Using foam in my refresh gives them a bit of extra kick.

Die-hard curlys, read no further:

Controversially gel and foam are miracle workers in blow-dried hair. Defy gravity with some foam at the roots for some insane body. Use gel to assist the smoothing process for even the most unruly hair. I hate hearing that some people’s bathroom cupboards are overflowing with hair potions and empty promises. I can be a bit of a minimalist, so I love the versatility of these products.

The good thing about these products is that they are multi-purposed. Aside from quenching your thirsty curls, I like to think that nothing in the curly world is sacred, and all things are to be taken and moulded to what works for you.

When it comes to gel vs foam, you’ll probably never know which you prefer unless you have a go.

So have a go and find what works for you.

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