7 things that make you beautiful (and guess what? They’re free!)

7 things that make you beautiful (and guess what? They’re free!)


We asked our wonderful facebook community ‘What makes a woman beautiful?’ and compiled their responses below:

  1. Her heart for others

  2. Her confidence

  3. Her spirit

  4. Her smile (and the lines that make that smile)

  5. Her sense of humour and generosity

  6. Her love for family

  7. Her resilience and integrity

And we agree. While social media is a loud voice on what is acceptable when it comes to appearances, we believe that actions speak louder.

You’ll notice that every point listed above is something that comes from within, and has a positive impact on oneself and others.

We are often too hard on ourselves and our appearances. The above serves as a great reminder that we are all beautiful, and it is our sense of character that leaves the biggest impression on others.

Although we love curly hair, we believe that a person is so much more than just their looks.

Keep being Beautiful, from the inside out.

Love & Hydration

the Yeshair Team


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