7 ways to invite pleasure into your life

7 ways to invite pleasure into your life



We turned to our wonderful Facebook community to find out the various ways they invite pleasure into their lives during these hard times, and compiled their responses below.

Hopefully these inspire you to find joy in the little things of each and every day.


1. Music - there’s something for every mood. (We’re always looking for new playlists to listen to. Comment with your current favourite!)

2. Gardening - it’s springtime! This is a perfect time to get outside and learn something new, while taking care of something small. A perfect project to put your focus into.

3. Organising spaces around the home - they call it ‘spring’ cleaning for a reason. This is a great way to put energy to use on those dull-weather days, and the feeling of a clean storage room? Priceless.

4. Being around nature - whether it’s outdoors on a walk, or with your indoor plants in the sunshine, this one is a popular mood-booster.

5. Time with others - although we can really only be around the people in our bubble, don’t underestimate the power of human interaction and its impact on our wellbeing (both positive and negative - look out for when your tank is running on empty).

6. Good food and drink - a hot tea or coffee enjoyed in silence, or a freshly baked caramel slice definitely brings me joy.

7. Day 3 curls you don’t have to refresh - of course we love this one. A bad hair day sucks, but a good hair day? One that lasts the week? Say no more curlfriend.

Want to contribute? Head over to our Yes Hair Squad on Facebook and join in the conversation!

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