Friendly to Earth, friendly to you

Friendly to Earth, friendly to you

Friendly to Earth, Friendly to You.

“How eco-friendly are you?”

Thanks for asking! This is an issue we care deeply about, and are more than happy to discuss and navigate with others.

Here at Yeshair Australia, we are proud to be certified toxic-free, cruelty-free and vegan by Safe Cosmetics Australia.

This is because we choose to make our products with no nasties, as it’s better for both us and the planet!.

We’ve compiled a list of some things we do in our spaces to minimise our footprint, to be as open and honest as possible with our customers.

♻️ We use what we have! For our wholesale orders, we reuse boxes and parcel cushioning from previous orders to pack and send.

♻️ We pack most of our parcels without plastic, and use all recyclable or recycled materials.

♻️ Our paper tape is completely biodegradable, solvent and chemical free, non-toxic, odourless and water-activated.

♻️ We're only printing from computers what is necessary.

♻️ Using Earth-conscious brands of hygiene and cleaning products in our kitchen and bathroom.

♻️ Turning off our lights, air and computers when we leave each day.

♻️ Recycling any soft plastic material that comes packaged around our products with local community groups such as Flagstaff and Girl Guides.

Oh and another thing...

  • We use safety pins and cardboard swing tags on our Glove and Cozy products because the cardboard can be recycled and the pins can be reused.

  • We're in the process of developing refill pouches so our customers won’t need to purchase and fill their bathrooms with more plastic bottles.

Our passion is to stay on this beautiful island we call home. Our mission is to continue to support as much manufacturing as possible here on Australian soil as possible. That way, we can eliminate the gases and petrol used in sea and air freight.

The Stats Of The Matter

  1. Did you know that in 2020, the average person in NSW generated 8.8 kg of waste a week? We’d hate to contribute to that statistic.

  2. 85% of soft plastics from bags and packaging ends up in landfill. To avoid this, we recycle our soft plastics with local community groups such as Flagstaff and Girl Guides.

  3. Plastic may be convenient for now, but estimates that 130,000 tonnes of it finds its way into our oceans each year - and it doesn't break down. Microplastics stick around forever. And that ain't cute.

  4. Nasties such as parabens and sulphates harm aquatic life and our environment when we wash them down the drain, so why do we put them near our skin? (Hint: We don't! There's none in Yeshair)

    So, did we pass the test?  Shop now!

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