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Summer Curls

The summer vibe has undoubtedly hit the east coast of Australia. 


It's 33 degrees today, and right now, swimming in a pool feels like a pretty good idea.

But guess what stopped me? Vanity! My curly hair got me saying no. Even though I knew how much better things would feel after a nice cool swim, a big practical voice in my head said, "you don't have time to redo your hair tonight!"

So, sitting on the edge of the pool, wishing I was in there playing with my kids, I came up with a solution for us Curl-friends alike so we can take the plunge this summer! 

Read along to find out how to swim with the dolphins or your children, and still have banging Curls.

Prep your curls before you swim:

Your hair strands are like micro sponges, meaning they absorb things quite easily…

In Australia, unfortunately we have some holes in the ozone layer. Therefore sunscreen is essential to the beach bag.

But, Be aware your curly hair will absorb your sun protection if it rubs on the skin where you applied the cream. 

This can be ok for some people but may cause discolouration and sticky ends to your curls.

Now let's talk about chlorine.

I once knew a girl whose blonde curly hair would turn green from chlorine.

Suppose you're a lover of swimming in the backyard pool. You will find that chlorine will penetrate and dry out your curly hair. After all, chlorine is just bleach.

To remedy this, apply a curl cream (we suggest Cruise Control Curl Cream) before getting your curls in the pool water.

It will act as a barrier to stop most of the chemicals from absorbing into your curly hair. 

If swimming with dolphins, aka beach swimming, is your daily activity, make sure to use the above recommendations. However, If it is your occasional sport, there is probably no need to worry.


How to:

1-Pre wet your curls with fresh non-chlorinated water.

2-Apply a barrier cream to your damp curls, raking through roots to ends.

3-If your curly hair is tangle-prone, braid or plait your hair before you swim.


Post-Swim Curl Care:

Now you fee cool and refreshed, your kids are happy and off playing elsewhere. How do you bring back those bouncy curls? Follow these simple points


1- When you get out of the pool, try to fight the urge to towel dry your hair. Instead, squeeze out any excess water, reach in your beach bag, grab some Curl Cream and/or Oomph Gel for curly hair and rake it through your hair. 


2- Flick your hair around to break up the curl clumps. Using your hands, scrunch the curls from ends to roots a few times on each side.


Now sit back and let the fresh aroma of summer silence the rest of the world! Leave your curls to air dry as you read a new book, listen to a podcast or pray that the mr whippy van drives by soon. 

Hopefully you find it as simple as that!

What's the ONE beach bag Essential?

Coins for a 'Mr whippy' ice cream! :) but seriously, my newest summer essential is our Cruise Control Curl Cream! The vital hair product for your Aussie summer!

If you have Curly hair and live in Australia, Make sure your curls look their best this summer. 

Whether you're headed to the beach, pool or just lounging around at home with friends, we hope these tips will leave you turning heads all season long. These are our favourite ways to keep those beautiful locks looking healthy and hydrated during these hot summer months.

Love & Hydration

Jonina xx

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