What should you not do with curly hair?

What should you not do with curly hair?


To all my fellow friends with curly or wavy hair,

I want to share a few tips that will save you time and make sure you are travelling on the right track to creating your best healthy Curly hair!


1- Do not wash your curls with suds daily

When you wash Curly hair daily you are removing those beautiful natural oils that your body creates to improve health and hydration. 

PRO TIP: Fine - Medium hair wash 2-3 times per week. Medium - Thick hair wash 1-2 times per week

2- Do not skip conditioner

When you ditch the conditioner you are missing the main ingredient that a curl needs, which is moisture AKA Hydration! Frizz and flyaways are tamed when you're in the shower with conditioner in your curly hair.  

PRO TIP: When you are applying conditioner to your curls, make sure your hair is loaded up with plenty of H20. The more water in your curly hair the better the absorption of hydration.

3- Do not throw away your hairbrush

While we are fresh off the topic of Conditioner and hydration, do not be fooled by the fear of brushing your Curls! Just understand there is a time and a place and most importantly a method!

Let me break it down for you:


Dry, for detangling and removing natural hair loss before a wash day. Wet, to distribute conditioner or styling products to every strand of hair. Lots of Curlies use a wide tooth comb or their fingers, the issue here is that there is a vast difference in the ratio of hair to digits. EVERY strand of hair needs hydration or it will turn into FRIZZ when it dries! Just the same every strand needs a curly hair styling product to help hold curl form and volume.


A flexi backed brush is ideal, this means minimal damage happens when the strands are at their most vulnerable (wet hair can be damaged much easier than dry hair). Also make sure the bristles have great soft flexibility, this helps reduce damage and also gives a soft massage effect to your scalp during the process.


Always start from the ends/mid lengths to begin de-tangling and work your way to the scalp. If the hair you are working with is thick and very tangled, try separating into smaller sections. Work your way up the section until your brush glides through each section. If you are styling your curls make sure you brush out and off the scalp in a 90° motion, creating volume and avoiding a flat section at the root area.

4- Do not straighten or hot style

I am very much a realist and understand that not everyday of your life you want to wear your hair naturally Curly.Rather Be careful when using heat, making sure any hot tool you use, is best used on a low heat (when you see steam come off your hair, that isn’t the best thing) this will lessen the damage to your hair. Also make sure to use a heat protectant before tonging or straightening your curly hair.

PRO TIP: Try using heatless curl options to smooth/soften your curls rather than hot tongs and irons!

5- Do not have FOMO for straight hair

Curly Hair is one of the most flattering and beautiful things on a human! Tho Sometimes we can find with our unique beauty we have drawn the short straw! Find a simple and logical routine that works with your life and enjoy the freedom of walking in the rain. Don’t forget, Natural looks good on you!

Embrace that natural beauty you have! Find a simple curly hair routine and take a moment to nail it! You wont regret it!

Love & Hydration

Jo xx



Great tips Jo. I have embraced all of this since coming to you and my hair has never been better. Sandra


Thanks Jo, great tips. I was not aware that I should condition at every wash. It makes my hair appear limp and I want to wash it all out.

Beth Steinerts
Beth Steinerts

Thanks Jo All my life I have dodged the rain It is so nice now to embrace it
Loving my curls Beth

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