4 Tips For Voluminous Curls

4 Tips For Voluminous Curls

Curl Volume

Curly Hair Volume is a beautiful thing. It can lift a tired face that has been missing sleep for the last six years, scream "beauty", and turn heads!


"Why put it on if you're not going to strut?" - Christine Baranski -

I Love this quote, but, generally speaking, we don't put our hair on. We are kinda stuck with it, or it with us. It probably depends on who you ask. 

So because our hair is always on, I have 4 Tried and true tips to help you achieve volume from your curly hair, Framing that glorious face of yours.

So, pause, take 3 minutes, and learn something new that could bring a little more spring into your step when you leave the house.

*These tips assume you have your curl hydrating and styling routine down pat*


1- Make your Curl clumps smaller

Making your curl clumps smaller will give the appearance of volume.

When you make your curl clumps smaller, you increase the curl clump number on your head! Resulting in bigger hair!

It's like making a meringue. When an egg white comes out of the egg, it's small and dense. But, when you whisk it, the added air bubbles create volume.

The same goes with your curl clumps. When they are stuck together, they are dense and compact. When you separate them, they will naturally create volume.

This can be done on wash day when your hair is wet or on damp hair when you're doing a refresh routine.

Bonus: you will also find that your hair dries so much quicker when it isn't clumped together in large sections.


2- Support those roots

When your hair is wet, it becomes much heavier than when it's dry.

As your curls dry, they form the shape that they will remain until the next time they are wetted and styled, 

This means that heavy wet curls will add weight to the root section causing it to look flat and limp when it dries.

To fix this, you must hold the root sections up while your locks dry.

We recommend using root clips while your hair dries. This extra support ensures your face is framed to perfection.


 (We have a tutorial on Youtube if you need some pointers!)


3- Get the product right in there

I watch a lot, and by a lot, I mean A LOT of Curly hair tutorials.

One thing I regularly note is the fact that they often miss getting styling products near the roots of their hair.

When you miss getting an application of your styling product at your roots, You will find that your curls will appear flat around your face frame.

You will also find it hard on refresh days and to get lasting volume. 

Don't be afraid to work your Gel/Foam close to your scalp to make sure your curly hair can defy gravity for days on end.



That's right, it's time to shake it!

Flip that beautiful head of yours over and put the pads of your fingertips on your scalp. Move them around in small zig-zags to shake up the volume of your hair at the roots!

It's a little more step 1, but with dry hair now.

Some people like to put a little hairspray in at this moment to support the volume at the roots. It's totally up to you. Why not be brave and try something new for yourself?

NB: When you give your hair a good shake, you are likely to gain/create some frizz… don't freak out! It will actually help your volume, So embrace it.


After these 4 steps, we hope you will be ready to throw on some lippy and hit the town.


Remember, "Natural looks good on you!" 


Love & Hydration 

Jo xx


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