LOHY's Chutzpah Mousse: The Secret Behind Voluminous Curls

When you hear 'mousse for curly hair', does it transport you to a bygone era of hair care? 80's glam, big hair and frizzy, undefined curls! Think again! 


In the realm of curly hair, mousse is making a resounding comeback, and LOHY's Chutzpah Hair Mousse is leading the revolution.


Why the Fizz about the Foam?


Mousse is not just about hold; it's about lift, definition, and volume. LOHY's Chutzpah Mousse brings all these benefits to the curly table. Its lightweight formula ensures your curls remain weightless and vibrant, void of heaviness.


The Do's:

  • 1. Layering Is Lovely: Start with a foundational product – LOHY's Cruise Control is perfect for this first step. Once absorbed, you can introduce Chutzpah directly to the hair OR add a Strong Hold Gel to the mix and the Chutzpah Foam over the top. Adding a gel ensures maximum hydration alongside perfect hold.
  • 2. Application Technique: Apply the mousse from roots to tips for best results. Applying from the roots, guarantees even volume throughout your curls.
  • 3. Less Is More: Start small. You can always add more, but over-application can dampen the mousse's volumizing effects.

The Don'ts:

  • 1. Skip on Dry Hair: Mousse works best on damp hair, ensuring even distribution and optimal effect.
  • 2. Don't Rush: Allow your hair to air dry, or use a diffuser for best results. Rushing the drying process can reduce the mousse's effectiveness.


Is Foam and Mousse the same? 


Curl mousse and curl foam are the same products designed to enhance and define curls while reducing frizz. Their airy, lightweight consistency ensures that curls aren't weighed down, making either term interchangeable in the world of hair care.


Who Should Use It?


While LOHY's Chutzpah Mousse is versatile, it's particularly beneficial for those with fine, "limp" curls seeking extra volume. However, if you desire defined, voluminous curls without the weight of creams or gels, this mousse is your number 1 go-to.


If you desire bouncy and lightweight curls, Imagine what LOHY's Chutzpah Hair Foam can do for you. Far from a relic of the past, this mousse-like hair product is a modern-day essential for curly, wavy and coily Men and Women.