LOHY's POW Strong Hold Gel: Myth-Busting the Stronghold Stigma

Crispy curls- No thank you! The mention of a strong hold gel often conjures visions of unyielding, crispy noodle-like curls. However, over the years, through curl education and product formulation, LOHY has worked hard to rewrite that narrative, and now, we have strong hold gels that won't leave your hair feeling stringy or crispy. 



The Myth of the Crisp:


It's a common misconception that a stronghold equals rock-hard hair. The truth? Not all gels are created equal. While some gels might leave your hair feeling like yesterday's leftover spaghetti, LOHY's POW is formulated to provide both stronghold and suppleness.


Soft Yet Strong:


Our main goal is to offer the curly community a gel that provides the durability they need without compromising softness. With LOHY's POW Strong Hold Gel, you can maintain your curls' form for longer while still enjoying the touch of soft, bouncy hair.


Application is Key:


To achieve those long-lasting, soft results:

  • Start Fresh: Always apply on clean, damp hair. Clean hair allows the gel to coat each strand effectively.
  • Use Moderately: A little goes a long way. Begin with a small amount, ensuring an even spread on your palms before scrunching into your curls.
  • Pair it Up: If you're wary of potential stiffness, combine POW with your favourite LOHY Curl Cream, Cruise Control. Using a layering technique ensures added moisture and flexibility.
  • Dry Right: Allow your hair to air-dry, or use a diffuser for volume. Once completely dry, this is the important part - gently scrunch out the cast to reveal soft, defined curls.


Curly hair care is fraught with myths and misconceptions, and stronghold gels have often been wrongly accused. At LOHY, we're rewriting the script, proving that strength and softness can coexist. Don't hold back in trying a strong hold gel. Choosing the right products will showcase your curls in all their glory!