Luxurious Volume curly girls

Luxurious Volume.

Luxurious Volume. 

What's up curl friends!?

Okay, listen up girls, and guys! Luxurious Volume is absolutely the #1 Trend for curly hair in 2024! 


      Brunette with luxurious volume curls            Brunette with luxurious volume curls

So what is Luxurious Volume? 

Jonina Menzies, founder and owner of LOHY. says ‘Luxurious Volume is big tousled curls, natural texture at its best and volume from the roots! It’s a vibe, I want it!” 

  • Volume from the roots
  • Defined curls
  • Natural texture

  • Sounds great, but how do I get it? 

    That's the easy part. Using your existing curly hair routine, all you need to do is spend a little more time, go slowly and define your curls by taking smaller sections of hair and giving them a bit of extra attention.


    In the video here Jonina goes into detail about what Gel/styler you should use to prep for this on wash-day. Your foundation is just as important as your finish, so don’t skip this step, pay special attention to the brush technique. 


    LOHY. Live 'Why I use Two Curly Hair Gels?'


        In LOHY.'s Instagram video about Luxurious Volume, Jonina shares, “I've spent a little bit more time on my hair today to show you what the definition of luxurious volume is”. 

    Using LOHY.’s Volume Combs, Jonina shows us that creating mega volume is easy. 

    To see the combs in action watch this quick video below;

    VOLUME + COMBS // New Product Alert



    Refresh Luxe Volume Technique: Mist a bit of water in the roots of your hair, slide the Combs in - side to side and lock together. The Combs support volume in the roots of your curls as they dry.

    Now, enjoy your morning cuppa while the combs do the work! 

    If you know your hair and that it is prone to going flat…. We recommend adding some Hold It Shimmer Hairspray to the mix!

    This will aid in the longevity of your ‘Luxe Volume’ without weighing your curls down. (NB make sure your hair is completely dry before shaking your Curls, Hold It will feel ‘sticky’ until it’s dry)

    How to use Hold-It Shimmer Hairspray to create long lasting curls

    Remove the combs before you leave the house. The result = Luxurious Volume. 

    Four ladies with luxurious curly hair

    Creating Luxurious Volume isn't difficult, it's just a bit more detail in your at home styling. Have fun with it and trust me, you will love the results!

    Love and Hydration xx

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