Hold It Shimmer hair Spray for curly hair

Want To Know The Secret to Defined Bouncy Curls? Hold-It Shimmer Hair Spray!

We all know the struggle. You find a hairspray that holds your curls in place, but it leaves your hair feeling like a helmet. Gross!

Or, you find something that keeps your hair soft but your style unravels with the slightest breeze. Who has time for that?

Hold-It Hairspray is here to break the cycle!

Designed with Curly Hair in mind, Hold-it is so much more than just another addition to your beauty arsenal; it’s the hero product you didn’t know your curls needed.

Hold_it shimmer hair spray

Want to know what makes Hold-It the ultimate game-changer for your curl routine? Read on curl friend! 

Why WE love Hold-It

Hold-It Shimmer Hair Spray is where nurturing ingredients meets styling genius! In a bottle designed to amplify your curls' natural beauty, our latest innovation is about embracing and enhancing your hair's natural texture and volume with a radiant finish that leaves your friends asking “How does your hair look like THAT!?” (in the best way possible!)

  • Radiant Finish: Infused with natural ingredients, Hold-It boosts your hair's shine, leaving it shiny, shimmery and lustrous. 
  • Volume and Texture: Say hello to fuller, more defined curls with a formulation crafted for enhancing your hair’s natural body.
  • Eco-Friendly and Health-Conscious: Our non-aerosol spray is a testament to our commitment to both your wellbeing and the planet's health.
  • Efficiency is Key: Not only does Hold-It style your hair, but it also cuts down drying time, streamlining your hair care routine.

A Shimmer Spray for Every Hair Type

Hold-It isn’t picky; it loves all hair types equally! 

From Type 1 straight hair that wants a bit of texture and volume to the coiliest Type 4 curls craving control and definition.

  • Type 1 Straight Hair: Adds shimmer and texture.
  • Type 2 Wavy Hair: Boosts wave definition without the weight.
  • Type 3 Curly Hair: Enhances curl shine and holds effortlessly.
  • Type 4 Coily Hair: Adds sheen, holds styles, and controls frizz. 
Hold it Hairspray Styling Combos

Can I Combine My Styling Products?

Of course! All Lohy products are designed to be used independently or as part of a styling combo. Depending on the type of hair you have and the style you’re looking for, you can absolutely use other stylers. For fine, straight or wavy hair you might want to add a leave-in and some cruise control on damp hair to encourage the formation of curls. On thick, curly or coily hair, hold-it can be used after you've applied a gel such as; Oomph or Pow

If you’re unsure of which products to use, either ask your curl  stylist or play around with products until you find what feels right for your hair. 


    Strong Hold Meets Soft Curls

    Hold-It Hairspray is crafted to give your curls lasting hold without the crunch.

    It's true, hairspray can have some serious hold and crispy curls potential! Hold It is no different in its ability to make your hair somewhat "in-movable"

    HOWEVER, when applied correctly, Hold-It will not only leave your hair feeling soft and supple, but full of definition. 

    How, you ask? The secret lies in its innovative formula, which combines holding agents that preserve your style with moisturising elements to keep your curls soft and touchable. No more choosing between hold and health; with Hold It, you can have your cake- and eat it too!

    How to Use Hold It Hairspray

    Achieving flawless curls with Hold It is easy! Here's a quick guide to get you started:

    There are two ways you can use Hold It for styling. Dry or Wet. 

    To begin; 

    • Style as Usual: After washing and conditioning, add products and style your curls as you normally would. 
    • Shake It Up: Give your Hold It Hairspray gentle jiggle to mix all its curly-loving ingredients.
    • Spritz Away: Hold the bottle about 12 inches from your hair and spray at the roots. For extra volume, flip your hair upside down and spray.

    Wet Hair 

    Apply over damp, styled hair for a time-efficient and voluminous finish. 

    Diffuse or air dry, then shake or scrunch out your curls for that enviable bouncy and hydrated shimmer.

    For Dry Hair:

    Spritz over your styled hair for an instant shine boost and volume lift, focus on the roots for instant lift. Patience is the key here; wait for the 'touch dry' moment before handling your transformed curls.

    Styling with Hold-it Hairspray

    12 Curl Commandments with Hold-It

    1. Dry hair application for ultimate HOLD.
    2. Layer with other products for an increase to curl definition longevity. 
    3. Root application for voluminous lift.
    4. A light mist resets your style throughout the day.
    5. The perfect finishing spray for your style.
    6. Combine with diffusing for efficient styling.
    7. Spritz on bobby pins for slip-proof updos.
    8. Braid misting for frizz-free lustre.
    9. Morning application for all-day hold.
    10. Tame flyaways with a gentle spray.
    11. Brush spraying for even distribution.
    12. Finish your refresh second-day curls for max longevity.

    The Non-Aerosol Promise: Safety and Sustainability

    Choosing a non-aerosol spray like Hold-It means you’re opting for a product that’s kinder to you and the environment. Without the harmful VOCs of traditional aerosols, you’re styling your hair with health and sustainability in mind.

    Hold-It Hairspray is changing the game in styling curls. For those who no longer want to compromise between hold and the health of their hair, with its innovative formula, you can say goodbye to crunch and hello to soft, bouncy curls that last all day. 

    Beautiful curls are not just about the products you use; they're about embracing and loving your natural hair.

    Remember, natural looks good on you! Lohy xx

    *Pro Tip: If you find when you use it that your hair feels too crunchy/dry, try using a small amount of Cruise Control underneath. Or you can also try using only 1-2 sprays in total. I have found best success is on soaking wet hair, it softens the impact. 

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