7 Steps To Flawless Blonde Curly Hair

7 Steps To Flawless Blonde Curly Hair

What’s the secret to achieving perfect blonde curly hair? There isn't one. There’s SEVEN! 

We get asked a lot of questions about maintaining coloured hair, or naturally blonde curls, so we’ve put together a 'How To Guide' to help you on the way. 

Whether your curls are 'kissed by nature' or created in the salon, blonde, curly hair deserves care, hydration and routine to make sure it always looks its best, and of course to maintain its overall health. 

Bid farewell to bad hair days by following these 7 steps. 


1. How To Get the right haircut for Curly Blonde Hair

  • The right haircut is crucial. A dry cut technique is often recommended to manage frizz and maintain a balanced weight without the ends feeling too heavy. Strategically placed layers that complement your face shape can significantly enhance your curls, adding bounce and preventing the common issue of flatness on the top.


Short Blonde curly hair

2. How To Choose  the Right Shade of Blonde 

Not all blonde shades are created equal. 

Syrup Blonde // aka Golden Bright Blonde

Crystal Blonde // sits between Gold + Silver Tones

Ash Blonde // Cool Dark Muted

  • The shade and placement of blonde can drastically alter the texture and look of your curls. Depending on the thickness of your hair, you might need to opt for heavier foils or a fuller or more minimal coverage to get the right effect.


    4. How to Choose Between A light Curl Cream or Volumising Foam

    • Many curl creams are heavy, and you don’t always need that extra weight. Avoid products that make your curls appear overloaded - this will only add to them looking flat and lifeless. A light curl cream or a volumising foam will enhance your curls without the heaviness.


    5. Learn How to Love Your Curls or Wavy Hair

    • The way you treat your curls makes a big difference to your maintenance and styling choices. Give them the love they deserve!
    • Remember the basic rules: gently dry with a microfibre towel or a curl hydration glove, by scrunching out excess water (avoid rubbing), avoid over-brushing, and consider a Sleep Cosy or satin pillowcase to keep your curls intact while you sleep.
    Loving your blonde curly hair

    6. How to Dry  Blonde Curly Hair

    • You can air dry or use a diffuser attachment on your hairdryer. If you're air drying, avoid touching your hair as it dries to prevent disturbing the curls. When using a hairdryer, set it to medium speed and low heat, and use the diffuser to add volume and disperse the airflow.


    7. How to Embrace Your Curls 

    • Don't try to fight your curls; a strong curl always wins!


    Caring for blonde curly hair, whether natural or coloured, is a journey filled with learning and lots of experimentation.

    By following these 7 steps, you can ensure your curls remain healthy, vibrant, and full of life. Embrace your blonde curly hair and give it the love and hydration it deserves. 

    LOHY xx

    Shades of blonde curly hair

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