Breaking The Curly Girl Rules: Embracing Your Unique Curl Journey

Breaking The Curly Girl Rules: Embracing Your Unique Curl Journey

Breaking free from the traditional curly girl rules.. Say whaaaaaat? 


Lorraine Massey's Curly Girl Handbook is like the curl bible and the sacred method within, is akin to the 10 commandments!! 

But what if we told you, not everyone sticks to the rules! That's Crazy talk, right? WRONG!… You can, without compromising your curls, shake things up a bit in your routine too!


In fact, with so many different types of wavy and curly hair out there, straying from some of the rigid rules, could be the best thing you might do for your own unique hair type? 


Strap in, because we're about to get wild, and rebel a little.. We’ll talk through defying the curly girl method “norms” and embracing your individual curly journey, without damaging your hair in the process! 


Understanding 'The Curly Girl Method

Now, don't get us wrong – the Curly Girl Method has its merits. It's like that secret society that promises curls so beautiful they could conquer the world. And it’s good to remember that the Curly Girl Method calls for some strict guidelines in the early days to help along the health of your hair, a starting point to rejuvenate and breathe life back into dead ends and heat damaged strands. 


Let's be real – strict rules can stifle your creativity! And the reality is, there are a bunch of everyday reasons that can prevent you from following strict CG rules


  • Swimming
  • Washing Daily
  • Using a harsh or not recommended product for a condition (like a medicated shampoo)
  • Tying it up for work or the gym



These are just a few reasons why following a strict method might not work, and it's okay to remember that you can absolutely modify the routine to suit your lifestyle.


So if you find yourself asking the question.. Can I? The answer is, YES, you can!!! 


If you want to swim at beach, then do it! 


If your doctor has recommended a medicated shampoo, then use it! 


If you love having your hair tied up for work, or the gym, or maybe you’ve got a toddler who loves nothing more than to yank out the strands of your hair.. Then you know what, tie it up! 


And the big one- if you want to straighten your hair, do it. Just don't do it often. ;)


Breaking Rule #1: Supermarket Shampoo is the Enemy

"Thou shalt not buy supermarket shampoo!" Well, we're here to debunk that myth! While sulphate-free shampoos are great, and will definitely improve the health of your hair. There's no shame in using a regular shampoo if you have to.

Real talk- quality products are expensive, and while they are certainly superior, if your budget only stretches to a supermarket shampoo, there's no shame. Clean hair is better than the alternative right? If you find yourself using regular shampoo for a season, or even on occasion (we’ve all gone on holidays and forgotten our shampoo- hi its me!) try to find ones that are free from SLS, Sulphates, silicones and made from more natural ingredients. 


Breaking Rule #2: Towel-Drying is a No-Go

So, apparently, our traditional towels have a beef with curls – they just can't seem to get along! But fear not, we have discovered the magic of microfiber towels and old T-shirts. They're like superheroes, swooping in to save your precious curls from frizz and dryness! Say goodbye to frizz, simply grab a old t-shirt or a microfibre towel for best results. Towel drying, whilst it will certainly create extra frizz, isn't going to damage your hair.  


Breaking Rule #3: Silicone-Free or Bust

"Thou shalt avoideth all silicones, for thou art the devil!" Or are they? Let's be real, silicones aren't villains; they're just misunderstood! In moderation, they can prevent frizz and make your hair look really shiny. However, silicones over time can build up in your hair and coat your strands with a thick layer that if left unclarified, can prevent your hair from absorbing moisture. The curly girl method calls for absolutely no silicones, however if you find yourself using a product or shampoo with silicone, simply clarify after each use. 

PS. If you're a mum of a teenage boy with intensely Curly hair... silicone may actually be his lazy best friend.


Breaking Rule #4: Only Detangle Your Hair in the Shower

Picture this: You're standing in the shower with a comb, or detangling brush, desperately trying to tame your tangles. But wait! Who said you can't detangle outside the shower? Break free from the shower-shackles, and explore the world of gentle detangling and styling! As our sassy curly icon once said, "Detangle outside the shower? Honey, it's liberating!" 

There are lots of tricks for finger detangling, dry brushing, using a conditioner for curly hair, and making sure you aren't damaging your curls when detangling outside of the shower. 


Breaking Rule #5: Skip Regular Trims for Length Retention

We get it – long hair is like a curly crown. But even queens need a little trim to keep their crowns in tip-top shape! Regular trims are like fairy dust for your curls, keeping them healthy and bouncy. So, grab your scissors and say, "I trim, therefore I am!" 


Breaking Rule #6: Avoid Heat Styling at All Costs

Here's a shocker – heat styling isn't always the curly hair nemesis! Occasional heat styling isn't the end of your curly journey. Use a heat protectant to make sure your curls are well taken care, and remember that overall, heat styling isn’t great for curly hair. But every once in a while, if you feel like taking to a flat iron of curling tong, revitalise your curls with a conditioning treatment. 


Breaking Rule #7: Stick to Your Curl Type

So, you've been classified into a specific curl type. But guess what? Your curls aren't limited to a box or a label! Embrace the beautiful chaos of your unique curl pattern. As our fearless curly trailblazer once declared, "My curls, my masterpiece – I don't follow rules; I create them!"

Most curlies have multiple curl patterns, so embrace the number of wonks and waves you've been given by finding a styling routine that works for you. 


Congratulations, you didn't jump ship at the first sign of breaking the rules! 

Remember, curly hair care is an adventure, not a rulebook. Embrace the freedom to experiment, the joy of self-expression, and the empowerment to celebrate your unique curl journey!


Embrace your curls, embrace yourself – and remember, there's no one-size-fits-all in the kingdom of curls! Stay curly, stay fabulous, and keep on breaking the rules!



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