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I've Permed My Hair, Now What? Your Ultimate Guide to Caring for Permed Hair

So, you've taken the plunge and permed your wavy or curly hair? Fabulous! Welcome to the exciting world of luscious curls and bouncy waves.

But hold up, before you start twirling and twisting those ringlets around your fingers, let's talk about the essential post-perm hair care to keep those curls looking their very best. Here are our top tips to ensure your permed tresses stay happy, healthy, and oh-so-gorgeous.

Pre-Perm Prep

Before we dive into the care tips, let's rewind a little. Did you have a heart-to-heart with your stylist before getting that fabulous perm? If not, it's time to have a hair chat! If you're wondering what the first step in how to make your hair curly is, it's a simple conversation.

Consultation is crucial to understanding your hair's health and its suitability for perming. Your stylist will (and should if they're any good!) help you set realistic expectations and suggest the best perming technique to suit your hair type and style preferences. They should also chat through some basic pre-perm hair care treatments to ensure that you get the best results when you do perm your hair.

Curly Permed Hair

Treatments like K18 and Olaplex act as transformative agents that repair and strengthen hair bonds. They help to enhance your hair's elasticity, ensuring it can withstand the perm process without creating excessive damage.

Remember that even the best treatments can only do so much if your hair has endured prior bleach or extreme lightening services.

In such cases, patience becomes paramount as you allow your hair to naturally grow out and recover before diving into the world of perms. 

If you're one of the many curlies considering perming their hair to gain a more consistent curl pattern- you're certainly not alone! Jonina from Maiden Hair Salon, says "I get ladies, (and men), asking all the time, how do I make my hair curly? Or MORE curly?" It's completely normal to have anywhere from 2-4 curl patterns on one individual head of hair, and wanting consistency isn't a crime, so chat with your stylist before making any big decisions. They can point you in the right direction regarding your next steps. 


Post-Perm Hair Care Routine

Alright, you've got your gorgeous new perm – now, let's show it some love! Before you hit the shower to wash your fresh new curls, wait! Give it a good 48 hours before wetting down a fresh perm. Giving your curls time helps your perm finish setting and will prevent unwanted frizz. 

Cleansing and conditioning

Cleansing and Conditioning

Start with a gentle cleansing shampoo, as your newly permed hair needs a little extra TLC.

Avoid products with sulphates, silicones, and harsh chemicals; they're too rough for curls and won't do a fresh perm any favours!

Instead, use a moisturising and nourishing conditioner to keep your curls happy and hydrated. Remember to treat your tresses to regular deep conditioning sessions for that extra boost of moisture and shine!


Protecting and Preserving Your Perm

We get it – you're in love with your curls, and you want them to last forever! Well, almost forever. Be mindful of heat styling to make your perm stand the test of time. Embrace your newfound texture and let those curls shine! If you must use heat, always remember to use a heat protectant. And watch out for the sun, chlorine, and saltwater – they can be a real buzzkill for your curls. Protecting your hair will ensure you can rock those fabulous curls all year long!

Heat styling Post Perm

Caring for Permed Hair with Existing Natural Curls

Okay, natural curlies, this one's for you! Recently we discussed perming naturally curly hair to make it more curly, so, If you're doubling down on your curls with a perm, congrats! – you're about to take your texture game to a whole new level!

But don't worry, we've got your back. Embrace the harmony between your natural curls and your permed strands, and keep your hair care routine balanced by using products designed for mixed-texture hair. This might mean playing around with gels, mousse for curly hair and curl creams until you find the right balance of hold and flexibility.

It's all about finding the right blend to make those curls pop and shine!


Styling Tips for Voluminous and Consistent Curls

Ready to flaunt those voluminous and consistent curls? Get your diffuser ready – it will fast become your new BFF! If you already have curly hair and are embracing the curly girl routine, you'll already know just how vital a diffuser is in your styling routine. If you're new to textured hair, here are some of our top tips for diffusing curls. 


  1. Start with freshly washed and conditioned hair for the best results.
  2. Apply a suitable styling product that offers both conditioning and styling benefits. Using your hands, scrunch the product from the end upwards into the scalp to help create defined curl clumps.
  3. Select the lowest heat setting on your diffuser, considering your hair's natural texture. Use the cool air option to finish the styling process.
  4. Work in small sections while diffusing. Start by drying the ends of your hair, gently cupping curls with the diffuser attachment (visualise a slinky motion). Continue moving around your head, section by section, progressing from ends to roots.
  5. Flip your head upside down to add volume and reach difficult spots while diffusing.
  6. Once your hair is dry, enhance your look with a finishing product like the Hush Hair Oil. Apply it to your ends/mid-lengths for added shine and softness of touch.
Hush Oil LOHY
If you're unsure on which diffuser to purchase, either ask your stylist which brand they recommend, OR, read our blog on finding the perfect hair diffuser for your curls.  

Maintaining the Health of Permed Hair

Time for a serious (but necessary) talk about maintaining the health of your permed hair. Not everyone liked trims, especially curly- why. Because it feels SO hard to grow curly hair. However, regular trims are a must to prevent those dreaded split ends and maintain a defined curl pattern. We know you're tempted to re-perm at first sight of new growth, but hold your horses! Give your hair a break and let it breathe. Over-perming can lead to damage; the key to healthy permed hair is looking after it. Think End-Game.


Dealing with Post-Perm Challenges

Sometimes, our perm journey comes with twists and turns (excuse the pun). A good perm can look like a million bucks, but a bad one can be devastating. 

Post Perm Challenges

Common issues include 

  • Uneven curls, where some sections might be more tightly curled than others, lead to an inconsistent and unnatural appearance. 
  • Over-processing can cause excessive damage and breakage, leaving the hair frizzy and weakened. On the flip side, under-processing might result in loose or limp curls that don't hold their shape. 
  • Chemical burns and scalp irritation are possible if the perm solution is left on the hair for too long or if it comes into direct contact with the scalp. 
  • Using the wrong rod size or applying excessive tension during the winding process can create awkward or distorted curl patterns. 


It's crucial to consult a skilled professional and communicate your desired outcome to avoid these potential pitfalls when getting a perm.


Embracing the Journey of Permed Hair

Congratulations! You've made it this far on your permed hair journey! It's time to celebrate your curls, embrace your individuality, and own your unique style. Remember, confidence is your best accessory, and you are the star of your own show! Connect with the curly hair community, share your tips and tricks, and inspire others to enjoy and embrace their textured hair too! 

We've covered a lot, but we hope this guide has been your go-to source for post-perm hair care. Remember, caring for your curls can be a labour of love, but the joy of twirling those fabulous locks is oh-so-worth-it!

Love Your Curly Permed Hair

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