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5 x Gold Curly Hair Volume Root Clips

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Befriend Me And I'll Do The Heavy Lifting!

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Gold fringe clips for curly hair
gold clips in curly hair with benefits written to the side
Clipping up a wavy hair fringe with gold clips

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Need to improve your Curl VOLUME?

Feel like your roots never have the height you desire?

Befriend these clips and let them do the heavy lifting!

Best used:

  • Wash day (slide in at the roots to set Volume from day 1, apply to drenched wet hair and remove once dry)
  • Refresh sessions (mist your roots with water and slide these in to revive flat spots, slide out once dry)

Make sure you remember to take your clips out before you walk into work!! 

Visual learner?..... Click the link below or for more video "how-to's" head to our CURL TUTORIALS and see how #CurlsMadeEasy is exactly what it says.

Geri S.



Love strong clips. Easy to use & easy to take out.

Renee E.


Gotta love a bit of gold in your hair

These clips are perfect for adding volume to your roots.. I even place them under dry hair so they are slightly hidden and you can sometimes catch a glimpse of the gold !!! Extremely versatile and easy to use



Volume and face framing

Great gold clips, perfect for getting volume in hair, clip your hair at the roots after gel application, and once your hair is dry gently remove the clips.

100% Aluminium

Save With Sets

  • Wash Day

  • Refresh Day

  • On wet hair that is already Styled up with product and ready to leave to dry. Grab your Clips one at a time. Gently open the clips half a cm; if they open too far, your wet Curl clumps won't dry. Slide them in running them along your scalp and continue around your flat zones. 
  • These are ideal for problematic cowlicks and fringes, holding those strands in the direction you need them to dry in.
  • Air-dry or diffuse-dry, either works fine. Pinch the clip open to remove once the hair is dry and enjoy that volume.
  • Any day you find that your hair has gone a little lame in an area, mist some water over that zone and slide the clips in to reset the roots. No extra product is necessary, just a splash of water and a few Clips.
  • Air-dry or diffuse-dry, either works fine.
  • Remove once the hair is dry, and enjoy that volume.
Wavy hair volume clips
Hush oil on coily hairHush oil on coily hair

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Reduce Reuse Recycle



Recyclable Clips (Metal)

Our Root Clips are made from 100% aluminium and can be taken to your local recycling depot or placed in your Yellow Bin.

Customer Reviews

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Amanda Knaggs
So glad I purchased this hair kit

I am really happy with the hair kit I purchased and it really helps to give me great curl. I would highly recommend buying the kit.

Cristie D
Game Changer

My curl journey has only just began and these products have been a game changer! The glove makes a huge difference to my curl pattern, giving incredible shape and the volume root combs are amazing. So happy with all my LOHY purchases. Thankyou.


These are the best invention EVER! Add so much volume to my roots!


Love this for scrunching


Love this head scarf