Get Curl confident in one day!

Learn CURL CUTTING + STYLING + PERMANENT TEXTURE with Curl Queen Jonina Menzies, founder of LOHY.

We know it can take a monumental amount of organisation, planning and sacrifice to arrange for everyone in your workplace to attend a training event, even more so if you have to travel.

That's why we've decided to simplify it and bring the training to YOU!

This way, no one misses out, and the curl education is easily accessible to everyone in your team.

Lessons begin with the basics of cutting curls, hydrating curly hair and knowing how to utilise your junior staff in a big way!
Increasing team morale and buy-in, PLUS helping increase salon revenue.
The other key ingredient, often an afterthought, is educating your client along the way.
It's a holistic approach that really does work.

Jonina is incredibly passionate about sharing her knowledge and is on a mission to educate professionals in all things curly hair, helping them become the go-to authority in curls.

Want something more exclusive?

Get your salon its own private curl mentoring.

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