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The Ultimate Playbook: Curly Hair, Mens Edition

The Simplest Guide You'll Ever Read For Men With Naturally Curly Hair.


Alright, fellas, here's the deal. That curly "boofy mop" you've been sporting? It's time to let it go. It's time to take care of your hair once and for all, and, dare I say, effortlessly learn how a little styling can go a long way.  

Throughout the years, I've observed a common trend whenever I chatted with fellas who had curly hair; a surprising gap in their knowledge of looking after their curls was evident. 

It's not their fault; the '90s and early '00s taught us that messy, unkempt hair was sexy and adding any products was a little bit, what did they call it, "metrosexual"? Does anyone else remember that 'definition'? YUCK. How we have evolved!!


Thank goodness! Nowadays, many men not only style their hair but also have half-decent skin routines too!

Short Curls on Man


That said, there are still loads of Men around with curls galore and no idea how to get the best out of them. With so many styles for Men's curly hair available, there really is no excuse for overgrown, dry, unmanageable hair.

Men often opt for buzz cuts, hair straightening, or 'plain-Bob' styles instead of putting in the effort to embrace and care for their curls. 

What reasons do they give? Time. Effort. No idea. Often based on myths and misconceptions… and maybe a little bit of laziness. (Hey, no judgement here!) Whatever the reason, men have avoided styling their curly hair. 

However, knowledge is power, and with little "know-how" you can have great (healthy) hair, with minimal effort.


Now that I have your attention, we'll be talking all things curly hair. Men, listen up! – we're getting into the nitty-gritty, the how-tos, and the "what the heck do I do with this?" So, buckle up! Don't tap out at the first mention of conditioning or hydrating. They're far from "girly terms', They're CURLY terms! And if you're one of the lucky fellas- blessed with masses of coily, wavy or curly hair, you need to start understanding those phrases. 

Curly Haired Men

Your Quick 'How-to' Style Guide. 

  • Wash and Condition: Use a gentle, hydrating shampoo and a moisturising conditioner. This helps to keep curls healthy and manageable.
  • Gently Towel-Dry: After washing, pat your hair gently with a microfibre towel. An old T-shirt will do to trick too. Avoid rubbing, as this can cause frizz.
  • Apply a Curl Cream: While your hair is still damp, apply a curl cream. This helps to define your curls and keep them hydrated. If your hair is really dry- you can add a leave-in conditioner before the curl cream.
  • Comb: Depending on the length of your hair, grab your Flexi Brush to detangle. If you don't have a Flexi Brush, use a wide-tooth comb or your fingers. This helps to evenly distribute the product. If your hair is short- your fingers will do just fine. 
  • Air Dry or Diffuse: For a simple everyday style, let your hair air dry. If you want to go all out- dry using a diffuser attachment on your hair dryer. This is also good for faster drying. Keep the heat setting low to avoid frizz.


Understanding Curly Hair's Unique Texture

First things first, let's talk about texture. Texture is the size of the fibres of your hair. There are Three types: Fine, Medium and thick. These textures will vary within the four subtypes of each hair type. 

  • Straight Hair: Lies flat and smooth; tends to be oily.
  • Wavy Hair: Forms a loose 'S' shape; can be slightly frizzy.
  • Curly Hair: Features defined curls or loops; often dry.
  • Coily Hair: Tight, Z-shape corkscrews; very dry.

Straight Hair: Characterised by its sleek, flat appearance and a tendency to be oily. It lacks natural curls or waves and lies smooth against the scalp. There are three subtypes:
  • Type 1A: Extremely fine and soft with a glossy sheen. It's often very straight and difficult to hold a curl.
  • Type 1B: Has more body than Type 1A and may have a slight bend at the ends. It's still quite straight but with a bit more volume.
  • Type 1C: The thickest of straight hair, with a subtle wave. It's more prone to frizz and has a coarser texture compared to 1A and Type 1B.


Wavy Hair: Typically forms a loose ‘S’ shape. Wavy hair is more prone to frizz and varies in thickness. The subtypes are:
  • Type 2A: Fine, thin, and easy to handle. 2A waves have a slight, tousled texture that's neither straight nor curly.
  • Type 2B: Medium-thickness with more defined waves. It tends to stick closer to the head, forming ‘S’ shapes starting from the mid-length.
  • Type 2C: The thickest and most frizzy of the wavy types. 2C waves start right at the roots and are more pronounced and bouncy.


Curly Hair: Features defined curls or loops and is often dry due to the shape of the hair shaft, which can impede the distribution of natural oils. The subtypes are:

  • Type 3A: Curls are big and loose, usually the size of a large marker or sidewalk chalk. The hair is shiny and has a defined pattern.
  • Type 3B: Medium amount of curl, ranging from bouncy ringlets to tight corkscrews. The curls are tighter and more voluminous than 3A curls.
  • Type 3C: The curls are the tightest and most densely packed together, resembling a corkscrew or pencil shape the 3C Curl type often has the highest volume and frizz level.


Coily Hair: Often referred to as Afro-textured hair, is known for its tight curls and voluminous appearance. The strands form very tight, small curls or coils and are often quite dry due to the structure of the hair, which makes it difficult for scalp oils to travel down the hair shaft. The subtypes are:

  • Type 4A: Features tight coils with a noticeable ‘S’ pattern. 4A curls are well-defined and springy, and the hair retains moisture better than the other subtypes of Type 4 hair.
  • Type 4B: Has a ‘Z’ shape pattern, with less defined curls and more of a fluffy appearance. The Type 4B curls are tight and bend in sharp angles, creating a more cotton-like feel.
  • Type 4C: The most densely packed of all hair textures, with curls so tight that they may not be easily discernible. This type experiences the most shrinkage and has no defined pattern, resulting in a very voluminous appearance. It requires careful handling and is often the most fragile.


Long Curly Hair

Everyone's hair texture is different, meaning that your hair needs slightly other things than the person right beside you. Sounds complicated.. It's not. Stay with me! 

Ever wondered why your mate's hair stays poker-straight while yours looks like it's having a dance party? It's all in the follicles. The shape and texture of your hair follicle determines the curliness. And that convoluted structure? It's what gives you waves, curls or coils.


Popular Haircuts For Curly Hair Men

Haircuts for curly hair men have seen quite an evolution. Gone are the days of forcing curls to stay put without a little help. Let's take a quick look at some of the top haircuts for men with curly hair in 2023

  • The Curly Undercut: Think Peaky Blinders with a twist: short sides, curly top, and oodles of attitude.
  • Tousled Top: For the lads who like a bit of a rugged touch, this one's a winner. It screams, "I woke up like this" in the best way possible.
  • Classic Taper: Oldie but a goldie. This one's for those who like it neat, but not too neat.
  • The Mullet: What a comeback this style has made! Up there with Acid wash and parachute pants the Mullet is the most popular styles of haircut for men with curly hair in 2023. 
Curly Haired Mullet

Whichever way you swing it, there's a style cut for every curly-haired bloke out there. So, next time you're at the barbershop, remember: Your curls are assets, not liabilities.

Longer Styles for Men's Curly Hair

Once you've got the cut sorted, it's styling time!

Whether you're hitting your local on the weekend, at the office, or at a footy match, with a few simple styling tips, you'll be out the door in no time.  

  • The Casual Push-back: Think of it as the cool, distant cousin of the slicked-back look. Just wet your hair down, push those curls back, let them flow, and add some medium-hold gel for the finish. A quick scrunch to create curls, and when dry a quick scrunch to eliminate any crunch and you're good to go. 
  • Defined Spirals: Got those tight curls? No worries. Grab some curl cream, scrunch it in, and finish with a strong hold gel. For maximum definition, dry your hair with a diffuser. 

From rugged to refined, there's no shortage of styles for men's curly hair. And remember lads, confidence is half the battle won.

Short, Stylish and Sexy: Men's Short Curly Hair Styles

Short Curly Mens Hair

Men's short, curly hair styles have evolved. For the blokes who don't want the fuss of long curls, we've got you covered!

  • Messy Fringe: Perfect for the 'couldn't care less but still look great" vibe.
  • Buzzed Sides & Curly Top: This one's for the adventurous fellas out there. Short and simple on the sides and wild on top, this style has made quite the comeback over the years. 

Men's curly hair haircuts aren't limited to length. So whether you're growing it out or keeping it short and tidy, you're sorted.

Beyond the Cut: Tips for Maintaining Curly Hair

Alright, now that you've got the style down, how about some upkeep? Look after those curls, and they'll have your back (or head).

Keep your moisture game strong

Curls love a good drink – and I'm not talking about Friday beers. Invest in a solid conditioner (stay with me, fellas!!) and keep those curls hydrated. Without adequate hydration, curls will become frizzy, and messy. It's that simple. 

Avoid the fry-Up

Not the breakfast kind! Lay off excessive heat; it's no friend to curls and will only cause long-term damage. If you DO feel the need to dry your hair, use a diffuser on a low heat setting.

Trimming Isn't Just for Beards

Keep those curls in check with regular trims. It keeps them looking sharp and healthy. It's also a good idea to find a hairdresser that specialises in curly hair. 

The Do's + Don'ts for Curly Haired Fella's

Alright, quickfire round. Here are some golden rules to swear by (and some to steer clear of):

Do Get yourself a Flexi Brush or a wide tooth comb. Your curls will thank you.

Don't Rub your hair like you're trying to start a fire. Easy does it.

Do Dive into the world of hair masks. It sounds fancy, but your hair will lap it up.

Don't Over-shampoo. Those curls need their natural oils.

Inspiration: Blokes in the Spotlight with Curly Hair

From rock stages to footy fields, a ton of blokes have made waves (pun intended) with their curly hair. Think Kit Harrington, Dave Grohl and Jason Mamoa. 


Curly Haired Men


Armed with their waves and curls, these charismatic figures have climbed the ladders of success and set a trend with their distinct hairstyles. From short to long curls, these renowned personalities have made textured hair their signature look.

We know that spending hours perfecting your hair is probably not high on your list of priorities. That's why, we've done the hard work for you and created this simple playbook for styling, cutting and maintaining your curly hair. With a few extra tips thrown in for good measure.

Men everywhere can celebrate that "boofy mops" are now a thing of the past as we welcome defined Mens hair styles. Curly, coily, wavy hair is now being embraced by men and women everywhere with stylists now specialising in the art of cutting and styling curly hair. Mens haircuts have evolved, and so have we!



Long Curly wavy Hair

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