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When they don't turn out like the pictures...don't lose hope!

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This blog post is for all the ladies out there who have been dying to learn how to maintain their curls. You may be feeling bummed out because your curls didn't have a wow transformation like other curlies. I've been there, too. It's not easy to stick with it when the results don't show up right away. That's why I'm going to teach you how to stick at it and make your curls look amazing! YAY!

The first question I get from my curly friends is "I love my curls, but they never seem to do what I want!"  What you might not know is that your hair can take up to five days to fully recover from a chemical service, now multiply that by how many times you may have inflicted chemicals on your hair and breathe a sigh of relief. Yep, the reason you aren't seeing the results you want is because of how long it takes for your hair to heal!  Have faith in your curls, follow these tips and tricks and before you know it, those frizzes will be reborn into beautiful waves or ringlets.  

1- Stick at it!

The best thing you can do is stay the course!!!! Kate, a sister of one of our staff, didn't get the instant result, but luckily she had her sister there cheering her on to stick with it! Each wash her hair is getting healthier, curls are clumping together more and more, and her hair is finally curling and not frizzing everywhere. Plus, a bonus has also happened - Kate’s scalp is no longer getting oily on day 2! So, if you're without a cheer team standing by your side, you have got me. Trust the process and stick with it! Your curls will come back and they will bring a new sense of achievement to your mantra! Trust me, “Natural looks good on you”!

2- Focus on Hydration

The longer you have spent not embracing your natural curl, by using flat irons or tongs to curl and wave your hair, means that there may be quite a negative balance in your hair’s cortex (this is the sponge layer inside your hair that stores your hairs moisture - aka hydration). So on your wash days, make some extra time available to restore this. Remember that the key to hydration is the balance between Conditioner + Water! 

Grab a hair brush or use your fingers and make sure to work through and massage in the hydration - don’t just settle for a slippery outer, work at pushing that hydration inside!

3- Slinky and Scrunch!

‘Muscle memory’


the ability to reproduce a particular movement without conscious thought, acquired as a result of frequent repetition of that movement.

When you have pushed your curls a certain way (eg. straight) repetitively for a long time, you may need to wait a few sessions for your strands muscle memory to come back. The best way to encourage this is when your hair is wet and you're focusing on styling. Visualise your strands like a slinky, and starting from the ends with flat hands raise your hands towards your scalp encouraging that slinky-like motion and pulse your grip when you get to the scalp. It should sound like a squelching noise - weird, but completely effective. The more you do this where you are trying to build curls, the more you will gain curl. You can also make this a double effect by covering your hand with a cotton towel or our Yes Glove, as this will help build your curls and also begin the drying process! YAY!

I hope that these 3 steps will inspire you and aid in you getting the curls you are wanting. Don’t lose heart if it doesn’t happen straight away, remember I am here cheering you on with your journey!!!

Love & Hydration


Curl Boss

Founder of Yes Hair Australia 

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Debbie Clews
Debbie Clews

I started my curly journey a little over a year ago after 40 plus years of making my hair do what mother nature didn’t design it to do. I can vouch that it took a while for my hair to respond to the new approach to haircare and it took a while for me to feel comfortable about my ability to make the process work. BUT I can tell you that I would not have my hair any other way now. So easy, so healthy, so right. Persevere because it gets easier and it will become second nature in no time at all.

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