Ingredient Education Series - Phenoxyethanol

Ingredient Education Series - Phenoxyethanol

PARABENS? HELL NO! There’s a new kid on the block with kick-ass properties and is  safe to use - Hell yeah!

Introducing... Phenoxyethanol.

Good news for all the curlies out there who care about their hair and what goes onto it! Natural products that contain phenoxyethanol are better for your skin and hair, and there’s no need to be scared of such science-y sounding words on the back of your product bottle.
In this informative series, we’re gonna break down our top ingredientsdebunk the myths and provide some education on what makes LOHY. products so damn good.


What is Phenoxyethanol?

While we try to be as natural-based and organic as possible, there are some things we can't avoid - especially if you don't want to be buying a new bottle every few weeks! Introducing - preservatives. Parabens have been kicked to the curb for their negative health effects (phew!) and phenoxyethanol replaces it. It's a synthetic compound used in common medicines and skincare products. If you use cleansers, serums and face creams, you’ve probably been using it already!


The benefits:

It is not used for its effect on skin or hair, but rather what it can do to the product it is combined with. Such benefits include

  • Prevents the growth of bad bacteria

  • Prolongs the shelf life of the product

  • Stabilises the product so that ingredients don't react to the elements

We use it in...


Love & hydration,

The LOHY gang xo

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