5 hair products you probably don't need...

5 hair products you probably don't need...


5 hair products you probably don't need...

I bet your bathroom cupboard is full to the brim with purchases and promises from websites and supermarket shelves that have never quite delivered - we have all been there! I think it's in our nature to be easily persuaded and in our fast paced life, buy things that should make us look better and deliver quicker results! When in turn they do neither.

I am not about over complicating your life or your hair regime so I thought it was about time I share with you 5 products you can send on vacation to a remote island off the coast of ….garbage kerbside.

1. You probably don’t need… Wavy vs. Curly products

The product industry will do everything possible to make you buy something you didn’t realise you needed. Don't be fooled! 

Consider this - if your hair is wavy, you don't actually need a different product to someone who is curly! The secret? All that differs is the amount of control you are after. 

I have met wavies that like their hair to stay perfect and not move an inch out of place. I have also met a lot of curlies who prefer volume and soft movement instead of heavy control and slicked curls! 

So ask yourself, ‘Do I like control and heavier products? Or do I prefer a softer, more workable product that will work with my life mantra?

To be super honest with you guys... I actually need both! I have different needs each day depending on my personality when I wake up, that time of the month, my girl crush of the moment...you know what I mean!  Give me control when I need it,  and let me be free as a bird when I want it! 

For my ‘free as a bird’ days...

I suggest Oomph Volumising Lotion (a Hydrating Gel) if you are someone who wants a light hold to their curls, loves softness to the touch of her hair and isn’t too worried if the weather turns. To make this possible, Oomph has 

  • aloe vera juice for strength and moisture, 
  • pullulan for smoothness and strengthening, 
  • guar gum for protection and conditioning, 
  • glycerin to help retain moisture and 
  • Geranium Flower Oil for aroma and antibacterial properties.

For my ‘give me control!’ days...

I suggest POW Strong Hold Gel (coming soon!) if you are looking for a ‘set and forget’ kind of moment. You want to know that your curls aren’t going to stray from their home and that no matter the weather or tantrum your kids throw at the park, your curls are going to stay in place! To do this, POW has 

  •  Aloe vera leaf juice for strength and moisture, 
  • Polyquaternium-10 to increase suppleness and repair damage, 
  • vp/va Copolymer to lead the race in holding your style, 
  • Hydrolyzed Soy Protein to strengthen hair and help hold in the moisture and 
  • Eucalyptus leaf oil to improve hair health and itchy scalps!

2. You probably don’t need... A different conditioner for colour-treated vs. uncoloured hair

When choosing which conditioner to use, look at these 3 things:

  1. Your hair health: dry, damaged or virgin?
  2. Your lifestyle: Swimmer, mum-bun enthusiast, a regular heat styler?
  3. Your hair goals: no fuss hair, frizz-free Rapunzel-vibes or Merida with a wild mane?

Knowing what you have, what you do with it and what you want out of it should spell out the conditioner you need. Higher moisture content for those of you with  wild, drier, coarse hair where you would prefer less frizz and more manageable hair. A lighter conditioner would be perfect for those who  swim everyday and don’t fuss that much over their hair or maybe you have  finer hair that gets limp and sticky quite easily! 

Do ask yourself first before being sold on a product because it’s ‘colour safe’ or ‘not for uncoloured hair’!

I suggest Nourish & Flourish Conditioner for anyone looking for a lighter, everyday conditioner. It is rich in glycerin, coconut oil and cucumber extract for the right balance of moisture.

I also suggest Drench & Quench Moisture Mask (coming soon) for you thirsty girls out there. Hair that needs some extra TLC to become manageable and compliant. Rich in rapeseed, coconut and jojoba seed oil, and shea butter to nurse your coarse curls back to life!

3. You probably don’t need... Heavy serums, argan oils and coconut oils

If you learn one thing from this blog post, make it this. Stop using synthetic oils or heavy carrier oils!!!!!!  Stop using standalone oils that are made for cooking! All they can do is weigh down the outside of the hair, act like a bandaid and cover the issue instead of treating it correctly.

The best way to help nourish and restore life back into your hair is by hydrating it! How? Using the combination of conditioner and water - Yes, good old H20 to wick moisture and balance into the cortex of the strand. 

Using oils aren't altogether bad for your hair but they need to be the right mix and used for the right purpose.

I suggest using Hush Hair Oil, rich in Sunflower Seed Oil, Evening Primrose Oil, Grapeseed Oil and Jojoba Seed Oil. They are lightweight, organic oils that can be absorbed into the cuticle layer of the hair, rather than sitting on top like a Bandaid solution. 

I recommend using Hush as a pre wash Oil Cleanse or as a finishing product when the hair is dry.

Remember Oil repels water, so make sure not to use it as your first styling product, use on dry hair when it can be absorbed.

4. You probably don’t need... traditional towels

It is time to ditch the fluffy towels! Well, you can keep them for your body - but just not for your hair, okay?

The common household towel is one of the largest contributors to frizz. Yep, it's true! You get out of the shower and squeeze out the water or scruff it up to “dry” it off, but all you are doing is destroying all the hard work you put in when in the shower.

Let's get into the facts: The large loops in the weave of common towels catch on your hair and pull strands away from your curl clumps, resulting in frizz. The rough action we take when trying to dry some of the water from our hair completely breaks any natural curl clumps that ever dreamt of staying together! And that generic microfiber towel you have hanging over the door hook isn’t really any better. You want to work with a tight weave in your towel, one that absorbs water but allows any product you put in your hair to remain on the surface so it can be reapplied back into the hair. Some people use a tea towel or an old shirt, but I personally like to use things specifically for their designated purpose.

I suggest trying out our Yes Glove. It is made to fit over your hand and creates a great workable surface where excess moisture is absorbed and product remains!

Sidenote: your hair is most fragile when wet or damp, so be careful not to play too much with it at this stage!

5. You probably don’t need...Egg and Olive Oil DIY Conditioners

Ok I have read through so many different blogs and seen many tutorials where people use ingredients I would use for an amazing omelette and they use them to treat their hair? I honestly don't get it! How do you properly clean them out of your hair? And how are you sure that they are able to deliver an accurate return? When in reality you should have made some avo toast and poached an egg on top!

I do think there are some recipes out there that could deliver results, but I also know if you're looking for some hydration in your hair, we have got you covered (without egg whites and honey getting stuck in your curls).

I recommend a fortnightly or monthly deep hydration using our Drench & Quench Moisture Mask - no food required! Just your hair and the shower. Let the Coconut Oil, Shea Butter, Jojoba Oil and Guar Gum nurse those coarse, dry curls back to whole health without any nasty build-up. 


And there you have it folks. I hope we’ve helped to clear out your bathroom cupboard and save you from a few awkward moments with egg & honey hair masks. Trust me, your hair will thank you in the long run!

Have you tried any of these before? Do you have any of these products that just aren’t cutting it? I know my bathroom was full of them. Let me know in the comments!



Hi Julie, thanks for your comment. POW will be available in early October, so keep an eye out on social media and your emails!
- Ailsa @ Yeshair

Julie Leggett
Julie Leggett

I am really enjoying Oomph volumising lotion at the moment but need a bit more hold. Really keen to try the POW gel. Just wondering when it will be available. Thank you

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