Winter Curly Hair Essentials

Winter Curly Hair Essentials

Gosh the chill has certainly set in!!!!

I honestly am more of a fan of autumn and spring if I’m being completely honest! But let me share some of my winter survival tips to keep your curly hair hydrated and feeling freeeesh.

1- Oil Cleanse with Hush!

That sweet little bottle of Rosehip, Jojoba, Evening Primrose, Macadamia and Grape seed Oil is not just for Curly Girl Method (CGM) moves like ‘Scrunching out the Crunch!’

Either the night before a washday or at least 3 hours before washday, split your hair into 2-4 sections and dispense about 3-6 drops of oil per section (you can use more if you want). Milk the oil through the mids and ends of your curly hair first and then work your way up to the roots! Hush Hair Oil will ever so gently magnetise any impurities or product build up to itself, while topically quenching the outer shell of your curls, the Cuticle.

*where you have coarser/thirstier curls make sure you focus on those areas, massaging it in just like you would the cuticles on your nails!

Let the magic happen while you bathe in the sweet and grounding aromas. Then follow with your wash day as per normal!

Suzanne shared with me “since I saw your video the other week I have been using Hush before every wash and my coarse curls have never behaved so well before, I skipped it once and my hair was so much more work!!” (The video is on our IGTV

Another thing that can happen is your scalp can flare up in this cooler time of year with dandruff and flakes. Get some Hush Curly hair oil on your fingertips and gently emulsify, aka rub in small circles, over the affected area about 3 hrs or more before you wash your hair! It will help shift the dry skin and also moisturize the affected areas that keep itching and drying out!

2- Smoke be GONE!!!!

Living semi rural we are blessed in many ways, my sweet husband's fav thing is lighting the fire pit! This time of year it is magical to sit outside and enjoy the cool air with the warmth of a fire at your toes! Most weekends we have at least one fire if not leave it running all weekend long!

Now the issue comes when you have freshly washed hair and you don’t want to smell like a fire in the morning, but you still want to toast those marshmallows and hug your cup of tea!!!!!

These are the moments you grab your Yes Curly hair sleep Cozy, then chuck a slouchy beanie over the top or just wear it solo! This will keep the smoke off your freshly washed Curls so that Monday morning isn’t so unmotivating…. YAY!

3- Leave a little in…

It is so easy you spend your nights hugging the heater or rotating yourself around the fire like a pig on a spit.

Whenever there is heat near your hair, you will not see it happening but moisture aka HYDRATION is slowly evaporating from your hair and skin! The next day you may feel the dryness to both your skin and hair. 

My tip for those mornings is to lightly mist your hair with some water and pump out about half a pump of Cruise Control curl cream or Nourish & Flourish Conditioner onto your palms and emulsify it first, then glaze over your hair, flicking from side to side! Remembering to glaze not rake, keep your fingers together and let your palms do the work.

I hope your homes are filled with JOY, Family, Friends, Curly Hair and some sneaky cheats through a game of UNO….

Love & Hydration

Jo xx

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