Everything I wish I Knew Before Getting Bangs Cut In My Curly Hair!

Everything I wish I Knew Before Getting Bangs Cut In My Curly Hair!

Bangs Are Back!! IT'S TRUE! And because nothing is worse than a bad haircut, (we’ve all been there!) We've created your ULTIMATE GUIDE to styling curly Hair with bangs! 


PLUS a few extra tips from someone who has tried, failed and fallen completely in love with her bangs!


Yes Bangs! I see you cringing and hiding your head in your hands!

Avoiding the topic at all costs! 

Lets face it, most women (and maybe some men) can testify to the traumatic experience of having some “youthful bangs” cut into their hair. 

Those sharp, bulky cut bangs of the 90’s have thankfully evolved into a much softer, subtle and formative type of fringe cut, and can we just say, we are grateful! 

Bangs aren't exactly a low maintenance hairstyle choice. However, after years of condemning the humble fringe, (along with undercuts, mullets and crimped hair) I am a proud, converted fan of the fringe! Proof that styling curly hair with bangs isn’t actually hard with a little “Know-how”. 

Let me share with you what's changed! 

  • Knowing how to style my curly fringe
  • Getting the “right” style for my face shape AND styling abilities
  • Adjusting my fringe to the elements

  • Wavy Bangs

    Knowing HOW to style my curly fringe

    Creating bangs in curly hair can be a transformative experience.

    It can also be a total disaster!

    Depending on the style you choose, bangs can create depth and layers to your face framing hair pieces offering a fresh, playful, or even edgy look.

    However, managing and styling curly hair with bangs or a fringe requires two things. 

    1. Technique 
    2. Products

      Technique and products will enhance your style, rather than complicate it. 

    Why Bangs? 

    Most people opt for bangs because they are sick of their current style, but they don't want to cut their hair too short. Que; bangs! 

    Bangs, and fringes are the fast and simple solution to creating a frame around your face, they also add instant texture and volume.

    Step-By-Step: How to style bangs

    Styling your curly hair with bangs doesn't have to be a high-maintenance nightmare. 

    With the right approach, (and some good products) your curls can add volume and texture to your fringe; the key to success lies in embracing the natural pattern of your curls and choosing a style for your fringe that complements your face shape and curl type. More on that later!

    Step 1: style your curls as you normally would (if your unsure on how to do this- click here for a more detailed guide on styling curly hair)

    Step 2: Focusing on your front pieces, use your fingers to gently curl and coil any pieces that may be looking a bit wonky (remember wonky pieces in curly hair are NORMAL!) but if you have a few pieces that aren’t sitting quite right- now's your chance to correct them). 

    Step 3: Use a diffuser to dry your fringe, this will give it the definition and set the curls exactly where you style them. 

    Step 4: Embrace the wonks and dont fight them if they won't budge, you'll only create frizz. Curly hair has a mind of its own and your fringe will sit how it wants to sit. Embrace it. Once it's dried you’ll find that through the day your fringe pieces will find their natural groove. 

    "Whether you opt for soft, wispy bangs, a bold, blunt cut, or something a little more asymmetrical and chic, the goal is to work with your curls, not against them". 

    Pro tip: Regular trims are also important to keep your bangs in shape, as is the right styling routine.

    Getting the correct style of fringe for my face shape

    Everyone has a different face shape which is why it's important NOT to follow the “one size fits all approach”. If you’re unsure of your face’s shape here are some examples to help. 

    Find out the shape of your face

    For those that DO know the shape of your face, here are some fringe styles that will complement the shape of your face. 


    For Round Faces: 

    Side sweep bangs

    Side-Swept Bangs - Side-swept bangs elongate round faces by creating an asymmetrical illusion. This style gently cascades to one side, blending seamlessly with layered curls. It addresses the worry of adding bulk by framing the face softly, enhancing facial features without overwhelming them.


      For Square Faces:
      Curly bangs
      Soft, Curly Bangs -Soft, curly bangs work wonders on square faces by softening strong jawlines. This fringe type is cut  slightly longer and allowed to form natural curls, providing a graceful frame that balances sharp angles. The softness of the curls introduces a gentle, flattering contrast to the face's angular contours.


      For Oval Faces:

      Blunt fringe

      Blunt Bangs - Oval faces can pull off blunt bangs beautifully, creating a striking statement. Blunt bangs cut across the forehead can be tailored to curl perfectly, offering a chic, bold look. This style can control volume at the forehead, showcasing the face's natural symmetry without overshadowing it.

      For Heart-Shaped Faces:

      Curtain Bangs

      Curtain Bangs - Curtain bangs are ideal for heart-shaped faces, with their wider forehead and narrower chin. This fringe starts shorter in the middle and gets longer towards the edges, mimicking a curtain's sweep. It balances the face's proportions by drawing attention towards the eyes and cheekbones, all while allowing curls to fall softly on either side.


      Diamond-shaped faces:

      Heavy side sweep

      Heavy Side Sweep - With their wide cheekbones and narrower chin and forehead, side-swept or textured bangs are ideal. These styles soften the face's angles and add volume at the forehead, creating a balanced and elegant look. They're perfect for highlighting the eyes and enhancing the face's natural symmetry.

      For Long Faces: 

      Textured bangs

      Textured Bangs - Adding texture is key for long faces. Textured bangs, with varied lengths and ample volume, break up the face's length. These bangs work with the curl's natural body, ensuring the face appears more oval than elongated. It's a playful approach that maintains curl integrity without elongating the face further.

      Adding bangs isn't just about the cut; it's about understanding how to bring balance and beauty to your natural features and hair texture. 

      "Remember, the best fringe for you is one that makes you feel confident and complements your individuality".

      Adjusting the shape and style of my bangs helped me keep them longer

      Its true! When something isn't working, we tend to get rid of it pretty quickly. Hairstyles are no different. And the elements (aka the weather) affects your hair A LOT.

      If you’ve got curly or any kind of textured hair, you learn pretty quickly how much the elements can impact the look of your hair. 

      Humidity, season changes, water, rain, wind, do I need to go on? 

      We KNOW they can all make a good-hair-day, a bad-hair-day pretty quickly. Even more so if you’ve gone and got yourself a new style that includes a fringe or bangs. 

      Why? Mostly because styling those fickle front pieces takes a bit of extra work, and usually even the tiniest “natural disaster” can cause them to go awol.

      Curly hair and the elements


      So what can be done? I'm glad you asked! 

      My rule of thumb is let your style evolve with the seasons. If you know Humidity is a big problem for your curls, the best thing you can do is have some length in your fringe so you can either pin them back, or keep them weighed down with product. In the winter, it's normal for hair to take longer to dry, so opting for shorter styles over the cooler months is practical (it also means the pieces at the back don't get tangled in a scarf or hoodie). If you live by the beach, prepare yourself for those summer days where a combination of salt water and a blowing nor-easterly wind can wreak havoc on your hair! 

      At one stage in my life I renounced bangs and fringes all together; I just couldn't figure out how to regain my style after humid days or swimming all day. However, after a bit of trial and error (and quite a few bad hair days) I realised that bangs suited me, and I actually love having some shorter face framing pieces.

      You might be the same? 

      Remember, everyone's hair is different. Seasons change. Staying flexible and trying different approaches will help you figure out what works best for you. 


      Using the right products to perfect YOUR hair

      Without products and a styling routine that works, bangs can be a challenge for even the most advanced curly girl. In my experience, fringes and bangs can be even more work for someone with curly hair, at least in the early days. However, mastering the art of styling your bangs, is well worth the effort. Persistence is key here!

      Curly hair Products

      When it comes to styling your bangs, Lohy's range of curl-specific products are a game-changer. 

      Curl Defining Cream’s are designed to enhance the natural pattern of your curls while providing flexibility and definition without the crunchy feeling that Gels can leave. Cruise Control defining cream has been a breakthrough in styling for my shorter curly pieces! 

      Enriched with natural oils and butters, Cruise Control’s nourishing formula hydrates my curls. This means less frizz and a healthy shine that protects my hair from the elements. 

      A mousse or foam is also a good alternative to a gel. If you’ve got fine curly hair or if you’re looking for a lighter hold, Lohy’s Hydrating Mousse offers a nice flexible hold with some added volume. Perfect for achieving bouncy, defined bangs. 

      Both products are formulated with the health of your curls in mind, ensuring they're hydrated, protected, and ready to showcase their natural beauty.

      Styling Tips

      Styling curly bangs in four simple steps! 

      1. Start with a solid foundation by using Nourish & Flourish Shampoo and Conditioner. Nourish and Flourish is free from parabens, sulphates and silicones meaning your curls will remain healthy and hydrated post wash. 
      2. When styling, remember less is often more. On your damp (or wet) curls, apply a small amount of Cruise Control- Lohy’s Curl Defining Cream followed by Chutzpah, a Curl Enhancing Mousse that loves a bit of volume. 
      3. Gently scrunch the products into your curls- ‘you should hear a “squelching” sound- this is good!’ It means the products are being absorbed into your curls! Coiling and twisting the hair in small or larger sections while wet will help to lock in the product and create gorgeous clumps at the font. 
      4. Air drying is ideal for minimising frizz, but if you're in a hurry, or you want maximum volume, a diffuser will do the trick. Diffusing also helps to ‘set’ your bangs in place once you’ve styled. If you’re really time pressed but don't want wonky pieces, diffuse the front pieces and let the rest air dry. 

        TIP: For a touch-up between washes, a light mist of water can reactivate your products and refresh your curls.

        "Getting bangs or cutting a fringe doesn't have to be the epic disaster you remember from your childhood!"

        By embracing your natural texture, selecting the right products, and adopting a healthy hair routine, you can achieve some ‘bangin’ curls (or curly bangs) that will look great AND be manageable.

        Louise O'Mullane


        From someone who knows the journey to embracing their curls, wispy, wild and wonks, embrace it and look back on photos of your ‘bangs era’ with love. 


        Love and Hydration xx

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