Rewind! 80’s Curly Hair Is Back!

Rewind! 80’s Curly Hair Is Back!

Dust off those shoulder pads because the 80’s is back! 

Along with scrunchies, leg warmers and power suits the rebirth of 80's Curly Hair is as wild as the comeback of acid wash jeans. 

In an era where fashion recycles and reinvents itself, the curly hairstyles of the 80s, usually big, loud and unrestrained, are making a triumphant return! Proving that some styles never truly fade away. It isn't just fashion that has had a major revamp either; fuelled by social media platforms like TikTok, Pinterest, and Instagram serving as catalysts for trends. The voluminous, bold curls of the past are now some of the must-have looks of 2024. 

Curly girls everywhere exhale, we’ve been waiting for this!!!

“Nothing about the 80’s was subtle. That's what made it so unique!” 

Iconic hairstyles from the 80s, like the Jheri curl, wanton crimping, and the mullet, along with the box cut, feathered and voluminous, hair sprayed curls made bold statements. The era was defined by its loud and rebellious hair trends, which were all about expressing individuality and making a statement.

So, grab your oversized sunglasses and roller skates and let’s explore what made the hairstyles of the 80’s so distinctive. 

Your Favourite Childhood Hairstyles Revived

There's something undeniably comforting (and equal amounts cringe-worthy) about revisiting the styles of our youth. 

As we scroll through our feeds, we're greeted by familiar looks that once framed the faces of our childhood icons—and perhaps, our younger selves. (who doesn't have a photo of themselves sporting acid wash overalls and a high pony with at least 3 neon scrunchies??)

80's Curly Hair


Fashion-forward stylists and Influencers are drawing inspiration from these nostalgic trends and infusing them with a contemporary flair. The result = bygone styles resurrected into current fashion trends. 

Here’s just a few that we love! 

  • Curly Braided Bun: A feminine updo with wispy curls providing depth and volume, styled into a large, low bun for an elegant look​​.
  • Curly Low Braided Updo: A chic and easy way to manage curly hair, suitable for both formal and casual, bohemian styles​​.
  • Beautiful Curly French Twist: An attractive updo with textures suitable for medium hair, creating the illusion of length while remaining lightweight​​.
  • Effortless Curly Half Updo: A versatile and easy style that appears sophisticated yet is simple to achieve, perfect for medium to thick, curly, or wavy hair​​.
  • The Classic Pony: Who can forget the feeling of swishing their ponytail? High or low, the classic ponytail oozes nostalgia. It’s simple to do and worn either tight or loose, this style is great for everyday wear. 

Why the 80's Loved the ‘Big Hair’ Look

The 1980s were a time of excess and expression. With fashion serving as a bold statement of individuality and freedom, big, curly hair wasn't just a style; it was an attitude—a rebellion against the sleek, restrained looks of previous decades. 

80's Curly Hair

80’s Icons like Madonna, Cher, Bon-Jovi and Cyndi Lauper wore their curls with pride, embodying the fearless and experimental spirit of the time. This love for volume and texture was as much about making a statement as it was about self-expression.


What Made the Era Unique

Beyond the hairstyles, the 1980s were unique for their groundbreaking advancements in fashion and beauty. Including the introduction of new styling tools, hair products and who could forget the introduction of the iconic Perm! A milepost in big hair styles, the Perm (permanent texture) was a game changer for men and women with straight hair who desired some volume and texture. 

This period marked a shift in how people approached style, emphasising that you could experiment and customise your whole ‘look’ and break free from cultural and social norms.

The era's distinctive fashion sense, characterised by bold patterns, bright colours, and innovative materials, went hand-in-hand with the flamboyant hairstyles that defined it.


Why It's Back in 2024

Sometimes, styles and trends stay exactly where they should. In the past! 

Olivia O'Bryon from Forbes Magazine says;

80's curly hair, styles and trends

Given that fashion often rolls through in 20 year cycles, it’s not surprising we’re seeing the ‘80s popping back up”. 

The advancement of social media platforms have empowered fashion, allowing trends to emerge organically from the community rather than being dictated by high fashion brands. The return of big hair? Well, that can be attributed to a broader cultural movement that values authenticity, self-expression, and a touch of nostalgia. 

Today's resurgence of big, full and even fluffy curly hair reflects a longing for the unapologetic individualism of the 80s, updated with the modern understanding of hair health and styling techniques.

How To Get 80’s Curly hair

For those looking to embrace their inner 80s icon, the internet is awash with tutorials. YouTube, TikTok, and Pinterest are treasure troves of "how-to" guides on achieving that perfect 80s curl. From heatless methods to using diffusers and Volume Combs for volume. 

The key to mastering big hair is the right products. Hold It Hairspray and Chutzpah Hydrating Mousse are essentials for crafting voluminous, lasting styles without compromising hair health. These products not only offer hold and hydration but also pay homage to the styling innovations that marked the 80s.


Iconic Famous 80’s Hair

The 1980s ushered in an era of big, statement curly hairstyles including the mullet, feathered curls, tall mohawk hairstyles and the Jheri curls (made famous by Lionel Richie, Michael Jackson and Rick James) were among other popular styles.

The 80s were defined by iconic figures who dared to wear their hair in ways that defied gravity and expectations. (and used colossal amounts of hairspray!!) Madonna's wild, untamed locks became as legendary as her music, while David Bowie's eclectic and flamboyant styles challenged gender norms and inspired a generation. 

These icons, showcased the versatility and boldness of curly hair in the 80’s. Influencing not just the fashion of their time, but also the attitudes toward personal expression and beauty.

'The revival of 80s curly hair in 2024 is more than a trend; it's a movement'.

Its influence is an opportunity to explore personal style, to experiment with bold looks, and to embrace the natural beauty of curls in all their forms. Let's face it- some of us are born with that ‘80’s curly hair’ look! 

As we look to social media for inspiration, let's remember that we're not just followers of fashion—we're creators, capable of blending the old with the new to express our unique identities. 

So grab your Hold It Hairspray and Chutzpah Mousse, and embrace the spirit of the 80s with style, flair, and a whole lot of curls.

Love & Hydration xx 


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