Hydration, the lifeline of natural and colour treated red curly hair

Hydration: The Lifeline of Natural & Colour-Treated Red Curly Hair

Whether it's the shade you were born with or a colour you've chosen, Red Curly Hair requires a unique approach to care and maintenance. 

The vitality of red hair, coupled with the natural texture of curls, makes for a head turning combination! However, maintaining the richness and the health of your red curls, especially if they're colour-treated, can be a delicate balance. 

Packed with expert tips and strategies designed to nurture, protect, and enhance your curls, our latest blog is your go-to-resource and has everything you need to care for and maintain your red hair.

Everything from selecting the right products to customised washing and styling advice, we're here to ensure your fiery red curls remain as captivating and vivacious as you are. 

Red Curly hair


Read more and discover how to bring out the absolute best in your red curly hair.

Hydration is the heartbeat of healthy, vibrant curly hair.

Natural and colour treated curls, both need a little extra TLC. Making sure your hair remains moisturised is key for its overall health and vitality. (not to mention helping it look its best!)  


Fundamental for maintaining healthy, vibrant hair, hydration is key! Especially if your curls are coloured. Both the colour and curl pattern of your hair contributes to its vulnerability to dryness. fact! Investing in some good curly hair products that are loaded with hydrating ingredients is a really important step in looking after your curls, and truly, if your hair is coloured, you want to give it a little extra. 


  • Hydrating red curly hair
    The Importance of Hydration: Moisture is the key to unlocking the potential of your red curly hair. Enhancing the hair's natural texture and elasticity, hydration defines, smooths and protects each individual curl.  


"Curly hair is more prone to dryness and requires a more customised approach to hydration". 

Natural vs. Coloured Red Curls: Understanding the Difference

Whether your red curls are a gift from above or a stylists masterpiece, they each have their challenges and defining factors. 

  • Naturally Red Curls: Red curls are pretty extra! With less than 2% of the population sporting red hair, curly red hair is a rarity! Demanding loads of moisture and protection from the elements, red curls are prone to fading from environmental factors. 

  • Enhanced Red Curls: Coloured curly hair introduces another layer of complexity, requiring additional strategies to lock in colour and prevent dryness. 

Tips to looking after chemically coloured hair 

  1. Avoid harsh chemicals and opt for natural and organic shampoos and conditioners.
  2. Wash less. Frequent washing will cause your colour to fade. 
  3. Use a hydrating hair mask or leave in treatment.
  4. Maintain your vibrancy with coloured Conditioners.
Coloured Curly Red hair


Care and Styling Tips for Red & Coloured Curly Hair

  • Daily Care Routine: It sounds cliche’, however, the right routine can transform your curls from frizzy to fabulous. For coloured red hair - look for sulphate-free shampoos, nourishing conditioners, and leave-in treatments. For naturally red curly hair - opt for hydrating styling products like curl creams and hydrating foams and mousses.
  • Styling Red Curls: Embrace styling techniques and products that enhance your curls without compromising their colour. Diffusing on a low heat setting and using curl-defining creams can elevate your look, and leave your curls looking juicy and plump. Hydrated curls naturally shine, so make sure you are loading your hair up with the good stuff. 
  • Colour Maintenance: After achieving your new colour, your hairdresser may recommend using a pigmented conditioner to help sustain the in-salon result. 

Protecting Your Red Curly Hair

Protecting your vibrant red curls from fade and damage isn’t hard if you follow a good routine, and a few simple steps. Remember, even naturally red curls will fade when exposed to the elements too much! 

Sun, salt water and harsh chemicals like chlorine will likely make your red hair fade and become dull and brittle. 

  • Avoiding Colour Fade: Sun exposure, harsh products, and frequent washing can dull your hair colour. Opt for products that offer some sun protection; Lohy’s range of curly cleansers and styling products contain white tea extract which is rich in antioxidants AND offers some sun protection. 
  • Wash your hair with cool- tepid water to avoid frizz.
  • Dealing with Damage: Coloured curls require regular deep conditioning treatments and gentle detangling methods to prevent and repair damage. Keep your curls in top condition by using Drench & Quench Moisture Mask. Offering a unique blend of Amino Acids, Drench and Quench repairs and protects coloured hair makes it a perfect addition to your coloured hair routine. 


The Spectrum of Red.

Offering a vast spectrum of colours, red hair boasts a diverse range of shades, textures and colours. Each shade of red has its own distinctive characteristics, and requires an individualised approach to care and styling. 

Shades of red curly hair
  • Strawberry Blonde: Subtle, soft and warm, Strawberry blondes have a harmonious blend of red and blonde. This shade of red captures the soft glow of the sun and gives warm “glowy” vibes

  • Auburn: Deep and rich, auburn brings together red and brown tones for a warm, earthy look. 

  • Copper: Copper hair is bold! With a rich mahogany brown base Copper colours reflect and absorb light, adding a richness and depth.

  • Burgundy: This sophisticated and bold shade combines a deep red colour with a hint of Mulberry. 

  • Fiery Red: Typically, a fiery red coloured hair is created in the salon. Boasting more unnatural shades of bright red, this colour is loud and bright! 
  • Ginger: The quintessential red, ginger boasts a bright, natural look with golden undertones.

Understanding Your Shade: These are just a few signature shades of red hair, and Identifying your specific shade of red is pivotal in creating your hair care routine. It influences everything from the products you use to how the sun affects your colour.

"To be noticed without striving to be noticed, this is what elegance is about." - Luciano Barbera.

Red-heads in the spotlight

Famous people tend to be recognised by their signature look, and celebs with red hair are no different! These four ladies are known for their fiery heads of hair!

Amy Adams - often known for her radiant smile and stunning blue eyes, Amy Adams signature strawberry hair is in fact all natural! 

Julianne Moore - a natural fiery redhead! Feeling like an outsider growing up, her red hair later became her signature look. Her daughter has also inherited her bold copper hair. 

Nicole Kidman red curly hair

Nicole Kidman - giving us major colour inspiration, Nicole launched into her career with a full head of curly Auburn hair! A classic red-head, Nicole Kidman has experimented with loads of different shades of red hair over the years. Naturally though, she's a quintessential strawberry blonde.

Isla Fisher - when you think of isla fisher, you immediately think of her vibrant red hair. A stunning shade of Auburn, Isla’s Red hair stems from her Scottish heritage. 

Through proper care, hydration, and styling, you can unleash the full potential of your red curly hair. 

Remember natural looks good on you, and if you’re one of the 2%-ers with naturally red hair, then embrace those red curls and let them shine! 

Love and hydration xx 

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