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Elevate Your Curls: How To Achieve Perfectly Layered Curly Hair

Choppy, Wavy. Layered. Curly Hair.. It can be your best friend or your worst nightmare! 

Prone to tangles and frizz, curly hair can be hard to take care of if you don't know how. HOWEVER, with the right styling advice, products and the right haircut for your hair type and length, you can have the long billowing curls or beach waves that you've always dreamed of. 

Layered haircuts for curly hair can vary between subtle, defined or choppy layers.


More of a tactical move than a styling one, layers naturally make curls appear fuller. Layered curly hair looks more defined and textured, as well as creates a fuller and more voluminous style for any curly hair type. Without the assistance of products and styling tools. 


Everything You Need to Know About Layered Curly Hair

Layers for Curly Hair

If you’re not sure what type of layered hair style to try, we’re here to help!

With a little bit of guidance, you can shape, define and bring out the best in your curly hair. And fella’s, don't feel like you're missing out! If you’ve got a bit of length, layering your hair will encourage curls and help to maintain your natural curl pattern!

Why Layering Curly Hair Is Better Than Blunt Hairstyles

There are loads of styles and haircuts for curly, wavy and coily hair. However to enhance your natural texture, the best thing you can do is look into a style, shaped with layers haircut. Curly hair requires layers to highlight your existing curl pattern and define any natural texture you already have. 

Designed to add volume and reduce the ‘bulk’ that can weigh down your curls, especially if you have long hair.


'Layers reduce bulk without taking away from the length'. 

Unlike Type 1 - straight hair, where layers create a uniform shape, layers in curly hair are about embracing and enhancing natural volume and bounce.


The Benefits of Layers for Curly Hair

layered haircuts for curly hair


Layered haircuts offer several benefits: 

  • Enhanced Shape and Volume: Layers can give your curls a more defined shape, making them look bouncier and fuller.
  • Reduced Bulk: Thick, long, curly hair, Especially Type 3B and Type 3C, can feel heavy. Most curly girls - (and guys) can remember a time where they have been 'hacked at' by a pair of thinning scissors. Usually in an attempt to reduce bulk from your hair, thinning scissors if not used correctly by a curl professional can result in more frizz and damaged ends. However, layers, cut correctly will lighten the load making your hair feel lighter and more manageable. 
  • Versatile Styling Options: With layers and depending on your hair type,  you can experiment with different styles. From flowy beach waves to tight bouncy ringlets, to shaggy long curls, layering your hair can add versatility and flexibility in your style. 


Creating Layers In Your Curly Hair

If you’re considering layers for curly hair, it's important to work with a stylist who understands curls and their unique behaviour.

Here are some key things to keep in mind:

  • Find a Curl-Friendly Stylist: Locate a stylist experienced in cutting curly hair. They'll understand how curls naturally behave and will know how to cut them without causing frizz.
  • Discuss Your Curl Pattern: Every curl is different. A good stylist will know your curl type and pattern and work with your natural texture to decide where layers will look best.
  • Consider Your Hair Texture and Porosity: These two things greatly influence how your hair behaves, and will determine how layers will look in your hair. If you’re unsure of the texture of your hair or its porosity our individual hair type pages have some helpful tips and guidance when it comes to understanding texture and porosity. 


Techniques for Layering Curly Hair

Layers in wavy hair
  • Dry Cutting: Many stylists prefer to cut curly hair dry. This approach allows them to see how the curls naturally fall and layer them accordingly.

Pro Tip: Arrive at the salon with cleansed, dry hair that shows your stylist where your hair naturally likes to ‘sit’. If you have long curly hair, it might be a good idea to wash it the night before a haircut. 

  • Techniques specific to curly hair: Some stylists may use techniques like 'sliding cutting' to create a more natural, blended layering effect.

How To: A Step-by-Step Guide To Cutting Layers

To achieve the perfect layered haircut for your curly hair, follow these steps:

  • 1. Consultation: Have a detailed discussion with your stylist about your desired look and how it can be achieved with your curl type.
  • 2. Cut: Your stylist will talk you through the cutting process and techniques. 
  • 3. Layering: Your stylist will create layers that enhance your natural curls, focusing on reducing bulk and adding shape.
  • 4. Styling: After your cut, your stylist will likely style your hair to enhance your layers and show you how to maintain the look at home. This is a good opportunity to ask questions and express any concerns you have about the haircut. 

Styling and Maintaining Layered Curly Hair

'Styling and maintenance are key to keeping your layered curly hair looking its best'. 


  • Use Curl-Defining Products: Invest in products that define and nourish your curls. Free of silicones and sulphates and loaded with hydrating ingredients that make your hair feel healthy, and encourage curl definition. 
  • Gentle Detangling: Always detangle your hair gently, starting from the ends and working your way up to prevent breakage. Detangling wet or damp hair in the shower is usually easier than detangling it dry. Use Lohy's Flexi Brush for best results!
  • Regular Trims: Regular trims are essential to maintain the shape of your layers and keep your curls looking fresh.
  • Use volumising products: Volumising Foams or mousse will encourage volume created by the layers and control any unwanted frizz. 
  • Use deep conditioning hair masks regularly- in accordance with your hair type recommendations using nourishing masks like Drench & Quench will help to decrease split ends. This will add to the longevity of your haircut. 
Layered curly hair

Common Mistakes to Avoid with Layered Curly Hair

  • Over-layering: Too many layers can make your hair look choppy and uneven.
  • Ignoring Hair Health: Healthy hair is essential for beautiful layers. Ensure you're following a good hair care routine using products designed for curly hair. 
  • Neglecting Regular Trims: Without regular trims, your layers can lose their shape and definition.
  • Expectation: Don't expect that your curly hair will behave the same as straight hair or short blunt hairstyles. Layers, depending on how short they are, often fall out of pony tales, or stick out under a cap. You might want to used to "wispy bits". 

What Are The Best Haircuts For Layered Curly Hair

Layered hairstyles curly hair

Here are some of our favourite layered styles for curly hair to give inspiration for your next layered hairstyle.

  • Long, ‘beach wave’ layers: Perfect for those with Type 2 wavy hair, or long Type 3a curls. Adding subtle layers can create flowy, beachy looking waves.
  • Short, playful layers: Short layers can add instant volume, bounce and personality to shorter curly styles. Perfect for Type 3c or Type 4 Hair.
  • Medium-length with voluminous layers: A medium-length haircut with strategic layers can add volume and movement.
  • Soft shag layers: Inspired by the 'classic shag cut', this style incorporates light, feathery layers throughout the hair. Ideal for wavy hair or loose curls, the layers create a playful, textured look that adds volume while maintaining a soft, natural flow. This style works great for adding body to finer hair and is excellent for a retro yet modern look.
Layered hairstyles for curly hair
  • Long, cascading layers: Perfect for those with long, Type 3 Curls. This style features long layers that cascade down the back. These layers are designed to reduce bulk and weight, allowing the curls to spring up naturally. This look is fantastic for those who want to keep their length while adding movement and a touch of elegance to their curls.
  • Voluminous bob with Layers: A curly bob with layers cut in creates a voluminous, bouncy look. Think Zoe Foster-Blake, the poster girl for Short wavy bobs. The layers are often shorter at the back and gradually get longer towards the front. This style lifts and lightens thick curly hair, making it more manageable and stylish. It's a great way to enjoy a shorter style without sacrificing texture and volume.
  • Face-framing layers for curly hair: This style focuses on layering around the face to highlight facial features. The layers start at different lengths, depending on the face shape, and blend into the rest of the hair. This technique adds shape and structure to curly hair, making it a great choice for those who want to accentuate their face with their curls. It's also really great for people who wear their hair parted to the side. 
  • Deconstructed layers: This modern, edgy style involves uneven, choppy layers throughout the hair. It's perfect for creating a bold, statement look with curls. The deconstructed layers add a unique texture and volume, giving a rebellious twist to traditional curly hairstyles. This style suits those who are looking to stand out and embrace a more avant-garde curly look.

Men’s Styles + Layered Haircuts

Layered curly hairstyles for men

layered hair, we’re all about simplifying your styling regime. For most men, a decent haircut, a good curl cream and some simple techniques will go a long way in unleashing the potential of your natural curls. 

Whether you’re a guy who takes joy in making sure his curls look just right, or maybe you just want to look tidy for your day job, the good news is both styling options require the same approach when it comes to styling and hair care. 

If you’re the tidy guy, don't be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and give your hair a bit of TLC and attention to styling- you might be surprised at how much you like a new look.

Adding some layers and length to your curls might just be the look you're going for! 

Aren't Layers Just For Women? 

No way! The conversation around layered haircuts is dominated by women's styles, fact. However men with longer curly hair can significantly benefit from a layered haircut as well.

Why Have Layers? 

Men with curly layers

Layering in haircuts involves cutting hair at various lengths to create a blended effect. This technique is versatile and suitable for any hair length, however it’s particularly good for long, curly hair. 

Over the years, Men have begun to embrace their curly hair, and the recent comeback of the curly haired mullet, has sparked new interest in longer styles and haircuts. 

The extent of layering can vary: from keeping a uniform length overall with only the face-framing hair layered, to introducing layers throughout the hair for added movement and texture while reducing bulk.

For shorter mens styles, the haircutting process typically starts with trimming the sides and back, followed by cutting the top with scissors or clippers. The top is then blended with the sides and back. The hairstyle is completed with a neat, square neckline that enhances the overall sharp appearance. 

Long layers are more than a tidy and trim; they offer multiple styling possibilities, allowing changes in appearance with a few styling products. The layering effect can be tailored to desired outcomes. On straight or wavy hair, layers tend to be more prominent, whereas on curly hair, they add shape and form to the overall style. 

Most haircuts will involve some layering, but the degree – from conservative to dense layering – depends on the desired hairstyle.

Why Layers Work Well for Men With Curly Hair

  • Enhanced Natural Curl Pattern: Layers are great for showcasing the unique curl pattern in curly hair. Men, contrary to popular belief, are beginning to embrace the curly hair movement! By having your hair cut at different lengths, each individual curl becomes defined. With the addition of some curly hair products for men you will reduce curls that clump together and look heavy or unmanageable.


  • Adds Volume and Shape: Long curly hair can often look lifeless or too uniformed. Layers add volume and shape, giving a more dynamic and textured appearance. This is especially beneficial for men with tighter curls, as layers can help distribute the hair's natural volume and prevent a triangular shape.
Layered haircuts for curly hair
  • Eases Maintenance: Layering hair can actually make long curls easier to maintain. It reduces the bulk of thick curly hair, making it more manageable and faster to style. It can also assist in evenly distributing products throughout the hair, ensuring each curl is well-nourished and defined.


  • Versatile Styling Options: Layered haircuts offer versatility. Whether you prefer a more structured look or a wild, free-flowing style, layers can accommodate different styling preferences. This versatility comes in handy when transitioning from a casual daytime look to a more sophisticated evening style.


  • Reduces Tangling and Knotting: One of the challenges of long curly hair, for both men and women is the tendency to tangle and knot. Layers can significantly reduce this issue by allowing curls to fall more naturally instead of intertwining and creating knots.


  • Tailored to Individual Preferences: The beauty of layers lies in their customisation. You can choose to have subtle layers for a slight texture change or go for more pronounced layers that give a bolder transformation. This adaptability makes it a great option for a range of curly hair types and personal styles.

A practical and stylish approach for men, layers embrace the natural texture, add dimension, and can make daily hair care routines more manageable.

Layered Hair cuts for curly hair


Commonly Asked Questions About Layering Curly Hair

  1. Should naturally curly hair be layered? 

Layered haircuts offer many advantages for curly hair. They enhance the natural shape of your curls, effectively reduce excess bulk and make your hair more manageable. Layers also increase volume, help to minimise frizz and create a more defined look. 

  1. Should I regularly trim my layers? 

Regular trims help in maintaining layered haircuts and also promote healthier hair by shaping the shorter lengths and removing split ends.

  1. Do Layers hold curls better? 

Yes, layers can enhance the hairs ability to hold curls. By removing excess weight, layers allow each curl to maintain its shape more effectively. This results in curls that are more defined and less likely to drop or become weighed down over the course of the day. Layered haircuts offer a balanced structure that supports the natural curl pattern, leading to a longer-lasting, bouncier curl.

  1. Do Layers Make Curly Hair More Poofy?

Layers can sometimes make curly hair appear more voluminous, but this doesn't necessarily mean it will look "poofy." Layers that are cut by a curl expert are designed to reduce bulk and create a flattering shape, enhancing the natural curl pattern. The key is to tailor the layers to the individual's hair type and curl pattern. When done correctly, layers can help manage and distribute the hair's natural volume, leading to a controlled and attractive look rather than an overly "poofy" appearance.


If you're contemplating a new look, why not consider layers as a way to enhance your natural curls and breathe new life into your hair?
Whatever your style, we've got you covered!
Layers in curly hair

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