LOHY's Cruise Control Curl Cream: Your Soon-To-Be Indispensable Ally In Your Curl Journey.

Curls, spirals and waves, they're mesmerising! And they can be both a blessing and a challenge. One of the most sought-after solutions to taming and enhancing natural curls is LOHY's curl cream, Cruise Control!


How do we ensure we get the most out of our curl cream? Let's take a look!


First, let's debunk a few myths. Not all curl creams weigh down your hair or leave it feeling greasy. The secret lies in knowing which product to choose and how to use it. 


Myth #1: You can use curl cream any time of the day.


Wrong! The timing of your curl cream application is key. It's best applied to damp hair after a shower, allowing the cream to lock in moisture and define each curl.


Myth #2: The amount of product doesn't matter.


Wrong! Using the right amount and technique is paramount. Too much cream and your curls will feel weighty and fall flat after styling. Avoid applying directly to the roots to prevent buildup.


Myth #3 Technique matters?


Right! It really does! A bit of know-how goes a long way to get the absolute best out of your curls and your products. Take a small amount of LOHY's Curl Cream, rub it between your palms, and glaze over the strands of your hair. Once you have even coverage, scrunch hair gently upwards from the tips towards your roots. Adjust the amount depending on your hair's length and thickness. 


The primary purpose of a curl cream is to accentuate, define, and hold those gorgeous curls in place while keeping frizz at bay. Quality curl creams, like Cruise Control, also nourish the hair, ensuring it remains healthy, shiny, and resilient.


With the right product and knowledge, a curl cream can transform your hair game. We've debunked some of the common myths around curl creams, so embrace those luscious curls and let them shine as they were meant to!