The Secret to Beautiful Curls

The Secret to Beautiful Curls

“How do you get your curls like that?”

“It’s natural,” I respond. Then the slow-mo, whipping hair around, Pantene-style fantasy unfolds in my head. Then it gets shut down by reality. Today was a complete fluke. I’ve never seen my hair look the same twice in its life.

Before starting my curl journey, I was wetting my hair every day. For manageability and predictability’s sake, a complete reset was my go-to. I don’t live-and-breathe my hair, but I do like to look good.

Loads of effort every day using product after product sends me into flashbacks of 8-year-old me with aching little arms reaching up to try and get that up-do just right before the school bus came. Sweaty frustration is not my jam.

Today, even with my beautifully simple routine refined over the years to make the most of my natural curly waves, my hair is not flick-over-the-shoulder worthy every day.

Day one is too sleek and perfect.

Day two has a bit more oomph.

Day three is usually my favourite day with the right amount of bounce, definition and calm.

Day four, and onwards, gets a bit dirty and finds itself up in a messy bun.

Some weeks I’m vibing my hair from the get-go, others I’d happily hide it under a hat.

Let’s accept we’ll never be in control of every hair-affecting factor in our life. Humidity might be going crazy. Human error means we might miss a spot when applying our products. Hormones decide to have a poke at our self-confidence. Time runs out, you get splashed in the pool, have a rough sleep. Whatever it is, life doesn’t offer constant perfect-curl conditions.

My biggest tip is to let your curls have a natural life of their own. Kill doubt and build confidence by enjoying the hair given to you. Accept a hair compliment (I’m sure you get lots) with grace and a big thank you. And know that a straighty would kill for your worst curl day.

Perfect curls are achievable…with a curling wand. Society aspires for perfection, but your unique “imperfect” curls, kinks, and waves say far more than any straightening iron or curling wand ever could.

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