"Taming Those Tangles: Sex-Proof Your Curls"

"Taming Those Tangles: Sex-Proof Your Curls"

Curly girls (and guys!) We know you love nothing more than having a good time in the bedroom.

And you take pride in your beautiful and bouncy curls! Often spending hours washing, prepping and scrunching those spirals into submission. 

But what happens when the cost of a good time means messy, raging shaggers knots and pulling an all-nighter means spending the next day untangling your "bed dreads"?

Ideally, throwing caution to the wind and enjoying a wild romp when the occasion arises is certainly encouraged - however, it's not always practical - curlies know how many hours (not to mention planning) go into "effortless curls", and when it's all said and done, a curly crown can quickly be turned into a bedraggled mess without some forward thinking and planning. 


Here's how to avoid post-sex bed-hair agony. 

Preparation is key 

It doesn't have to be weird. Or time-consuming. Let's be honest; time is usually of the essence in these situations. However, you can do a few things to plan and prep your hair for a good romp. 

Chic Up-do for curly hair

Style your hair with intention. 

Let's be honest here, there are two types of sex. Considered sex.. (or, if you must, planned) and then spontaneous sex. Wham bam, thankYOU mamm! 

If you find yourself in the first scenario, where you KNOW later in the day or evening, you'll be having sex (or, at least, hoping you will be!), then some forward planning will serve you well. 

Consider a chic up-do; Putting your hair up in a braid, ponytail, twist or bun can all be quite glamorous looks for day or evening. Scrunchies, metal chopsticks, or the humble claw clip all work well and can add a bit of colour and bling.

"An up-do before heading out will save you from mucking around in the moment". 

If you find yourself in the second category, where you are having spontaneous sex and need a quick solution to keep your curls intact, a silk scrunchie on hand is always a good idea. Alternatively, just let it roll and flip the hair from side to side. Another simple trick is carefully choosing your "posi" - (more on that soon). These quick solutions will help you in the moment, stop your hair from getting in the way, and prevent any friction in the back. 

Be picky about positions.

Yep, we're going there! Opt for ones where you're on top(ish), such as cowgirl/rider, doggy-style, lotus, or standing positions – or if you're particularly into a horizontal position, opt for hanging your hair off the edge of the bed. This could also be time to get creative in the bedroom… kitchen, or living room. No judgement.. we're all friends here! 

"Finding new positions that prevent your hair from rubbing against pillows (or curtains, carpet or whatever) is the easiest way to protect your curls from damage". 

Curly Up-do

Hands off! 

If you've got a lover who likes to get handsy with your hair, encourage some gentle groping somewhere else. Honestly, they probably won't even notice you sliding hands elsewhere and will be grateful for the direction. Again, it doesn't have to be weird, simply glide those hands away from your locks and somewhere even more enjoyable. 


Invest in some friction-free bedding

Curating your environment can be a cheeky trick, but it's a small price to pay for spontaneous, passionate romps, so when it's on, IT'S ON! There's no thinking about hair, scrunchies and positions. Just enjoy the moment. 


Let go. Learn when not to give a ****. 

Sometimes you've just got to throw caution to the wind and completely surrender to the moment. Let your hair get ruined. So what. You can do it again. Unless you've got a red carpet to be on in five or dinner with the in-laws… does it REALLY matter? 

"One surefire way to kill a mood is worrying too much, and if worrying about your hair is killing the mood or interfering with your ability to climax, it's time to let go and give in to the experience".

Look at it as a sign that you had wild, spontaneous and fun sex, and wear your messy hair with pride. It's a naughty reminder of the fun you had earlier. 


Lovers on the floor

Refreshing post-romp

The best (and fastest) way to fix your naughty knots? Jump in the shower. (Go together if you want to keep the mood!) Steam and a little water on your hands is the easiest way to detangle your hair and refresh it quickly. Remember to use a detangling spray or leave-in conditioner if you have a large number of knots. 

If you've really made a mess (way to go, high five!!), then wet it completely down, give it a scrunch and diffuse it again. This will re-activate the product and be as close as possible to your wash day results. 

Showering together

 For what its worth...

Bed hair, sex hair, shaggers hair… call it what you want! It's messy, wild and often the result of unrestrained passion. It's also unavoidable if you're in an intimate relationship and blessed with a head of curly, coily or wavy hair!

Despite your best efforts (and we've listed plenty in this blog), Messy hair means you had a good time and embracing it is undoubtedly the best way to enjoy sex with a head of curls. 

Let go of how you look and give in to how you feel, and when duty calls and you HAVE to show some restraint, make use of the practical tools we've listed in this blog. 


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