Heatless Curls on straight and curly hair

Do Heatless Curls work on BOTH straight hair and curly hair?

The grass is always greener on the other side. Right? If you grew up with curly hair- chances are you wanted straight hair and vice versa. Well, the good news is, we no longer live in the 80s when we were restricted to the hair we were born with. 
You CAN have it all! 
Creative geniuses like Kylie and Genevieve, the founders of Heatless curls, have made it even more accessible to create beautiful curls for any type of hair! 
 Achieve Heatless curls on ANY hair type!
Heatless curls straight hair 
Heatless curls work great on straight hair, and lots of curlies are asking the question, do heatless curls also work on curly hair? The answer is YES! 
Heatless curls have become increasingly popular as people look for ways to style their hair while avoiding the damaging effects of heat styling tools. 
Straight hair, Type 1A, 1B and 1C often lack volume. However, this revolutionary hair tool provides a heat-free solution for gorgeous next-day curls that are bouncy and voluminous. 
For the curly girls, don't despair. You can use it too! Curly hair is a perfect canvas for heatless curls, and with a styling product to eliminate frizz, you will end up with barrelling, gorgeous waves and curls that will last all day. 
Heatless curls straight and curly hair

Are heatless curls a new thing? 

Actually, No! Heatless curling options have been around since the 1800s! Remember when rags (strips of old cloth) were cut up and wound around the hair overnight to create curls? 
Thankfully, over time, heatless curling has evolved. Rags, Flexi rods and now, heatless curls- (either a sash or a foam roll, depending on where you choose to purchase) will give you similar results. 

So how do you style curly hair without heat? 

Step 1. Apply a curl-defining product to damp hair
Step 2. Separate the hair into two even sections. Place the sash (or silk rod) at the top of your head and clip it - a large claw clip works well!
Step 3. Wrap small sections of hair from the front (top) of your hair around your curl sash. Add a (small) section of hair from behind the curl sash, and continue by adding hair from the front and back as you wrap it.
Step 4. Once you've wrapped all the hair, tie it off with a hair tie.
Step 5. Cross the wrapped hair, sash behind your head, and tie the remaining sash up and around your forehead in a bow. 
Heatless curls straight hair
Check out Claudia, from Yes hair Australia showing us how she achieved impressive results as a Type 1 hair (this means she has very straight hair!!) with one she purchased from Kmart. These ones are a mere $4!
Typically the more curl you have in your hair, the better your hair will hold heatless curls. Adding a curl product will help you achieve an all-day hold. 

What's the difference between Heatless curls and heat-activated curls?

Simple really. Heatless curls use no heat in the activation process
Heat-activated curls use heat as an activator - a curling tong/iron or even a diffuser. Naturally curly hair often requires a certain amount of heat to create definition. 
Heatless curls straight hair results
Heatless curls (and curly hair in general) can be prone to frizz.
Frizz happens when our hair is lacking in moisture. To avoid frizz post-styling, use a hydrating conditioner and a curl-defining product with a good amount of hold to help keep the curls in place.
Ensure your hair is adequately hydrated and moisturised before styling to get the most out of your heatless curls.
Finally, use a curl-enhancing product to help tame any excess frizz once you've given the curls a good shake-out. 
Heatless curls are a great way to style curly hair without the damaging effects of heat-styling tools. You can create beautiful curls and waves that last with the right styling products and techniques.
FYI, our next blog will have tips for YOU - Type 3, and Type 4 Curlies that struggle with TOO much curl!

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