Refreshing Fine Curly Hair: Tips and Tricks for Effortlessly Reviving Your Locks

Refreshing Fine Curly Hair: Tips and Tricks for Effortlessly Reviving Your Locks

Having finer hair can be equally as alluring as thick hair, but it often comes with its own set of challenges.

One familiar complaint is that curls and wavy hair that is bouncy and full of life in the morning often drop and are lacklustre throughout the day.

"Maintaining perfectly defined curls throughout the day can be a huge challenge - regardless of your hairs density". 

The good news is that with the right techniques and products, you can refresh and revive your fine-curly hair, giving it the bounce and definition it deserves. 

In this blog, we will explore a variety of tips and tricks to help you effortlessly refresh your fine-curly hair, ensuring that your locks stay fabulous and full of life. 

Understanding Fine-Curly Hair

Before diving into the refreshing techniques, it's essential to understand the nature of fine-curly hair.

"Fine hair typically refers to thin and delicate strands, while curly hair refers to hair with a natural curl pattern. When combined, fine curly hair can be prone to frizz, lack volume, and lose definition quickly". 

Refreshing fine-curly hair involves finding a delicate balance between moisture and styling products to enhance the natural curl pattern without weighing down the strands.

 Long Fine Curly Hair

Cleansing and Conditioning 

Top tips:

  1. Start with a proper cleansing and conditioning routine.
  2. Use a sulphate-free shampoo that won't strip away all your natural oils, as fine hair tends to be more delicate and susceptible to damage.
  3. Follow it up with a lightweight or moisturising leave-in conditioner that will provide hydration without weighing down the curls.
  4. Apply the conditioner from mid-length to ends, then work up the strands to the roots (This will help you not get that fuzzy root area). Ensure you see your conditioner absorb into your hair. If it doesn't, you may be using too heavy of a conditioner.

Refresh Techniques 

  1. Spritz, glaze and Scrunch: On non-wash days, spritz your hair with a mixture of warm water and a lightweight curl refresher or leave-in conditioner. Then, gently glaze your hands over the strands of your hair, evenly coating it, and scrunch your curls upwards to reactivate their shape and bounce. This technique helps revive the curl pattern without adding excess product buildup.
  2. Diffusing + Root Volume Clips: If you're in a hurry or want to add volume to your fine curly hair, add in some root volume clips/combs for curly hair and use a diffuser attachment on your blow dryer. Slide one comb in your hair along your scalp to meet the other comb and feel them lock-in. Repeat with another set of clips. Set your diffuser to a low heat and low-speed setting to minimise damage. Cup sections of your hair in the diffuser, scrunching gently as you go. This method works particularly well after step 1, encouraging natural curl formation while boosting volume.

LOHY Root Volume Clips

  1. Sleep protection: Not necessarily a refresh, but sleep protection will always give you a better refresh day. We recommend two options - 1. Pineapple Method: Before going to bed, loosely gather your hair at the top of your head, resembling a pineapple. Secure it with a scrunchie or a satin hair tie to prevent frizz and flatten curls. In the morning, release the hair tie and gently shake out your curls for refreshed and voluminous hair. 2. A sleep Cozy - Scrunch the cozy together and slide it over your head until it sits around your neck like a scarf. Tip your head and your curls upside down. Now, Slide one end of the cozy over your face and capture your hanging curls (like you were pulling a sock over your head, stopping once the last part of the cozy is on your forehead. If your hair is longer than the cozy, you can tuck it in to protect the ends of your hair.
  2. Finger Coiling: Take small sections of your hair and twirl them around your finger to create defined coils. This technique helps redefine curls and structure your fine curly hair. You can also use a lightweight curl cream or gel for curly hair to enhance the hold and longevity of the coils.

 Cosy Sleep Protection

Product Recommendations  

Choosing the right products is crucial when refreshing fine curly hair. Look for lightweight curl-refreshing sprays and leave-in conditioners. Curl creams that provide moisture and definition without weighing down the hair are great, however, they can cost a bomb!

A great alternative is a simple DIY -we recommend mixing one teaspoon of your existing conditioner in a spray bottle and filling it with warm water. Give it a shake to mix the product and water and there you have yourself and a very easy and simple refreshing spray that will help keep your curls frizz-free and won't cost the earth. 

If DIY seems all too hard, and you do opt for buying a leave-in, avoid ones with heavy oils or silicone-based products that can lead to greasiness or product buildup. Experiment with different brands and formulations to find what works best for your hair type.

 Curly Girl with Fine Curly Hair

Refreshing can be simple, and with the correct techniques and products, you can breathe new life into your curls and keep them looking fabulous throughout the day. Remember to cleanse and condition your hair thoroughly, and incorporate techniques like spritzing, diffusing, pineapple method, and finger coiling to revive your curls. 


"Embrace your natural texture and experiment with different products and routines until you achieve the curls you dream of".  

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