Pump Up Your Curls: 7 Steps To Revitalise Your Curls Post Gym Workout.

Pump Up Your Curls: 7 Steps To Revitalise Your Curls Post Gym Workout.

And we don't mean your bicep curls! 

You've worked out. Your hair's dripping with sweat. Now What?! 


According to the Bureau Of Statistics, In 2020-21, half (50.9%) of people aged 15 years and over did intentional exercise, recreation or sport in their week. 


So what happens when a sweat sesh needs to be rectified for work or a social engagement - how do you quickly refresh those sweaty curls so they return to their bouncy, non-frizzy self? 


You could be sporting a high bun to keep your curls out of the way, a ponytail, or maybe you'd rather throw on a flat cap and call it a day. Whatever your workout hairstyle, If you want to return to a chic all-day look, we've got you covered. 


We've compiled Seven easy steps to get your hair back on track after you finish your workout.


Braided Hair for workout at Gym

1. Coordinate your cardio days with your wash days 

2. Don't pull your hair back too tightly. 

3. Use gentle hair ties that won't break and crease your hair. scrunchy/coils/headbands

4. Braid or loosely plait your hair for a nice post-workout texture. 

5. COOL it down

6. Remove sweat by using the cold setting on your diffuser. 

7. Restyle


1. Have a plan!

The number one best thing you can do for your hair when you're setting out to do an intense cardio session is, in fact, to try and coordinate it with your wash days. It's not always possible, and that's where refreshing comes in; we'll share some tips on that shortly. However, to maximise your curl's potential, and this goes for ANY hair type, is, in fact, to save those really sweaty days for wash days. If thats unavoidable, of course, just follow some of the tips and tricks below to get the most out of a good refresh. 


2. Loosen UP!

When tying your hair back for a workout, be sure not to pull it back too tightly. Pulling your hair back too tight can cause tearing and breakage of your strands. 

Tying up hair for Run

3. Be Gentle - Avoid Breakage

Choose an elastic headband or scrunchie that's gentle on your hair and won't create excessive tension in the strands. 

Lululemon has a colourful and wide range of headwear and elastic bands for all hair types that won't cause breakage. Not to mention, they look super cute and can be styled with your activewear!


4. Braid It

To provide a smooth, structured shape to your curls after the gym, loosely braid or plait your hair before you start your workout. Braiding will help hold your curls in place and make them easier to handle when it comes time to refresh. It also keeps your hair out of your face, so it's a practical style for those who really like to get into it! 

Braid Gym Hair

5. Turn Down The Heat!

After a sweaty gym session, jumping into a hot shower is tempting, but hold on a moment! Opting for a cool or warm shower instead can work wonders for your hair. Hot steam has a sneaky way of enticing rebellious strands, leading to unwanted frizz. Here's the secret: when your hair is warm, like right after your workout, it becomes more malleable.

"This is why diffusing your curls on low heat allows for effortless styling and better clumping".

Once your hair cools down, that's when your curls truly "set." That's why utilising the cool setting at the end of your diffusing routine ensures your curls stay in place beautifully. The best thing you can do after you've finished your workout right before you cool down is take your hair out and allow it to "settle". 


6. Remove Leftover Moisture

Use the cool setting on your diffuser to remove leftover sweat or any remaining excess moisture from your curls. The cool setting will help maintain your curl structure by closing the cuticles and locking in their pattern and definition. Cold air also helps prevent hair from stretching and creating frizz, so once you've finished working out and either showered or refreshed, simply grab your diffuser and gently diffuse your hair on the cool setting without touching it too much. 


7. Deodorant For Hair, Say Whaaaat?

To finish your post-gym refresh, before applying styling products, why not try a DIY refresh spray made with a few drops of lavender oil and water? Warm water works best, and lavender acts as a natural deodorant for your hair to keep it smelling and feeling fresh. After you've sprayed your hair, use a light leave-in conditioner or curl cream to hydrate your curls and add shine. Finish with a strong hold gel and diffuse on low heat. 

Gym hair looking fierce

Remember, sweat is inevitable, especially if you're a bit of a workout enthusiast.

Sometimes you have to throw caution to the wind and commit to sweaty, messy hair and all.

With that said, we know that regular shampooing isn't good for curly hair, and a solid pre- and post-exercise routine can help you continue kicking your workout goals – whilst keeping your curls looking fierce. 

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