The Freedom Hub x Yeshair Australia


The Freedom Hub x Yeshair Australia

We are super excited to announce that Yeshair has partnered with The Freedom Hub, who fight modern slavery and human-trafficking within Australian borders.

The Freedom Hub helps people who have experienced this crime by…

  • running a Survivor School for rehabilitation

  • a café/event venue to help fund the school

  • an ethical retail and wholesale range of products

  • and they collaborate with partners to help end this crime

At Yeshair we oppose slavery in all its forms and embrace our role and responsibility of safeguarding human rights through ethical business practices. It is therefore a key focus to begin the process of protecting human rights in our business and our supply chains.

To ensure we do this well, we have commenced working with The Freedom Hub to analyse our areas of risk and produce a voluntary modern slavery statement at the end of the current reporting period.

Simultaneously, we are donating $1 from every order to The Freedom Hub to help with their efforts.

If you'd like to donate more, head to their page here.