Get a Bit of Oomph Into Your Curls With LOHY's Hair Gel: No More Crunchy Curls

Do visions of crunchy, noodle-like hair haunt you when you think of hair gels? Push those fears aside! 


With LOHY's hair gel Oomph, you can achieve the perfect balance of definition and hydration without the crunchy aftermath (aka gel cast) often left behind when using a gel. 


Let's take a deep dive into our Oomph Hydrating Gel and unveil the secrets to layering it seamlessly with other LOHY products. Say goodbye to stiffness and hello to bouncy, defined, and vibrant curls that turn heads. Embrace the art of hair sculpting with LOHY. 


LOHY's Hair Gel Oomph: The Perfect Blend of Hold and Hydration


The curly hair journey is often filled with a series of trial and error, and choosing the right gel is a significant decision on that path. The fear? Landing with those dreaded crunchy, noodle-like strands. But with LOHY's Hair Gel Oomph, that's a concern of the past!

What we love about Oomph Hydrating Gel:

  • Hydration First: Unlike many gels that hold and dry out curls, Oomph Hydrating Gel is designed to maintain the moisture your curls crave. It's a treat for thirsty hair, ensuring that with every application, your locks receive an extra boost of hydration.
  • Layering Magic: Oomph works harmoniously with other LOHY products. Want to add a bit more shine or reduce frizz? Combine Oomph with your favourite LOHY Cruise Control Curl Cream. This gel's formulation complements other products, avoiding unwanted residue or heaviness.
  • Natural Hold: With Oomph, expect a natural-looking hold. Your curls will have the structure they need without feeling like they've been frozen in time.


While Oomph is a dream come true for many, every curly head is unique. Some might need a bit more or less product than others or a different layering technique to achieve their desired result. It's all about finding your sweet spot!

How To Layer Different Products For Different Results:


For best results, start with freshly washed hair. Apply your foundational LOHY products first, like leave-in conditioners and curl creams. Once they've been absorbed, it's Oomph time! Apply the desired amount evenly on your hands, and scrunch into your hair. Remember, adding more later than dealing with too much product is always easier, so start conservatively.


Pro-Tip: Always remember, with ANY gel, once the hair is 100% dry, to scrunch out the crunch. This coating is the "crunchy gel cast" you get when you apply a curl gel to your hair, and it dries. It means the curl pattern has set, and from here, you want to break the cast by scrunching it with your hands. This will leave you beautiful, hydrated, and bouncy-soft curls all day. 


LOHY's Hair Gel Oomph stands out as a blend of care and craft in the vast world of curly hair products. Not just a tool but a companion on your journey to showcasing your curls in all their glory. So, banish those noodle-hair nightmares and elevate your curly game with Oomph!