Sleeping Beauty

Sleeping Beauty

Want curls that last longer than hot chips at the beach? Well, this blog is for you!

The mirror first thing in the morning (aka hot mess yelling back at you) says your sleep set up needs attention.

Not trying to sound smug here, but my curls last a good five days all because of the way I organise my curls before my head hits the pillow.

I’ve used silk pillow slips, but found a wild mess usually on my right side! I have tried a silk cap, but my thick hair didn’t fit in. I can pineapple, but my hairline is my first to gain fuzz, so it needs the most protection!


So, what do I use? A simple Cotton Cozy.

What’s a cozy?

It is a lightweight tube made of stretchy material that stands in the gap and protects your crown of curls from rubbing continuously against your pillow! Clever!

You can wear it for showering and sleeping. I even wear it for movie marathons on the lounge when I don’t want my crown ruined. Groovy.

Here’s how to use it:

  1. Scrunch it together and slide over your head till it sits under your chin
  2. Flick your curls upside down
  3. Carefully find the end and pull it up to its full length (there may be a Cat in the Hat moment).
  4. If your hair is longer than the buff, you can tuck it in to protect the ends of your hair

In the morning is when you see it’s full effect:

  1. Pull it off
  2. Flick your curls upside down
  3. Using small zig-zag motions with your fingertips, shake out your roots
  4. Scrunch the ends with damp hands to revive your sleepy curls

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