Know your hairs porosity

Know Your Hairs Porosity & Cut Your Drying Time In Half

Ever wondered why your hair takes forever to dry, and “everyone else's” seems to dry instantly? 

If that's you, don't panic! It’s not all bad news!

Hair porosity refers to the hair's ability to absorb and retain moisture. This means that if your hair takes longer to dry chances are it retains moisture. This is GOOD news for the health of your hair. However, it certainly makes drying your hair more difficult, especially if you are time poor. 

"How your cuticle layer functions will determine how fast your hair dries".

The cuticle is the outermost layer of your hair, composed of overlapping cells that protect the inner layers. If the cuticle layer is tightly sealed, moisture will have a harder time escaping, resulting in a longer drying time. If the cuticle layer is raised or damaged, moisture can escape more quickly, leading to faster drying. 

Understanding your hair's porosity is essential for managing drying time and achieving healthy, beautiful hair.


Three Levels of Porosity:

Low Porosity Hair

  • Tightly bound cuticle layer that doesn’t easily let moisture in or out.
  • Once properly moisturised, moisture stays within the hair, which is beneficial.
  • Hair takes longer to dry, especially if it’s also high density.

Medium/Normal Porosity Hair

  • The cuticle layer functions properly, raising and lowering to manage moisture.
  • Moisture absorbs well and remains within the hair at a normal rate.
  • Dry time varies depending on density, products used, and styling techniques.

High Porosity Hair

  • The cuticle is raised, allowing water to enter and exit easily.
  • Hair tends to dry very fast, especially without product. Diffusing and air drying are quick processes.
  • Hair also dries out quickly between washes.


The strand test: how to test your hairs porosity

How to Test Your Hair's Porosity: The Strand Test

The strand test is a simple and effective way to test the porosity of your hair. 

Here's how to do it: 

1. Grab a clean strand of hair. 

2. Place it in a glass (or bowl) of water

3. Watch what it does. 


If it floats- you have low porosity hair. 

If it sinks slowly, you have medium porosity

If it sinks quickly it means you have high porosity hair. 


5 Hacks to Speed Up Drying Time for Curly Hair

  1. Apply products to damp hair (rather than continuing to add products to soaking wet hair)
  2. Use foams or mousse’s as they are typically lighter than creams and gels
  3. Diffuse on low heat- high volume.
  4. Shake your curls as you go (gently!) this may create some frizz but it will speed up the process. 
  5. If you’re really time pressed, diffuse your curls until you have a cast, then lave your hair to naturally dry and scrunch out the crunch when its 100% dry. 


Remember, everyones hair is different and drying times will always vary, but it's always good to know ho your hair behaves and have some tricks up your sleeve. 


Love and Hydration xx

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