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How To Maintain Your Curly Hair

TWO things make curls stand out - the styling method and the products.


Using the right products for your curl type will help hydrate your curls and give you the most "bang for your buck" each wash day. Meaning you can get longer between washes, holding natural oils in your hair, therefore increasing hydration. 


"Knowing the right method to apply the products is KEY to making your curls rock". 


Following on the heels of our last blog, "Your Ultimate Curl Type Guide", we thought it was essential to help guide our curly friends to the right products for each curl type. For rockstar curls that will literally stop passers-by, have a read below, pinpoint your curl type (If you're not sure, you can click here to find out) and take advantage of these free tips…. You heard it first from us!


WHY your hair type is important 

All curls have been treated the same for as long as we can remember. It's only been in the last few years that curlies are starting to understand that not all curls are the same, and therefore, styling, caring for and looking after your curls can vary depending on your hair type. 


There are FOUR main types of hair

  • Straight has little to no texture whatsoever.
  • Wavy is defined by its tousled, textured strands and can often resemble "beach waves".
  • Curly tends to vary between loose spirals and tight corkscrews.
  • Coily are the fourth curl type and have the most unique pattern of all the types.
Coils, kinks and afro-textured hair can range from tight coils to wiry zig-zag-pattern strands. 


    "Understanding your hair type helps you identify what your hair needs". 


    Once you've identified your hair type, the next step is to look closely at which products will benefit your hair type and for the men out there, which curly hair products are best for men. This step is when you want to really think about what you want to gain from your products. 


    • Wash results?
    • Hydration? 
    • Styling? 
    • Frizz control? 


    Woman with dark 4a curls pondering her curly hair routine

    Whatever your hair goals are, it's important to remember that curly hair can be a journey of trial and error. And what might work one day might not work as well the next. Things like the weather, the humidity, hormones, stress etc., can all affect your hair... So go gently while you're learning. 


    Let's look at The Products. 


    Redhead holding curly hair shampoo bottle


    The Nourish & Flourish shampoo - is a gentle cleanser that has been clinically developed to restore shine, add serious amounts of moisture to dry curls and protect from the sun. Packed full of goodness, this hydrating cleanser uses a combination of cucumber and jojoba oils to cleanse and restore hydration. Use the Conditioner after cleansing for shine and moisture. Alternatively, the Conditioner can also be used as a suitable Co-Wash. 


    If your curls lack moisture, the Drench & Quench mask is what you need! Let's be honest; most curly girls know that hydration is critical for curl longevity... And curls, we know, are THIRSTY! The Drench & Quench is made explicitly with maximum hydration and moisture in mind. For whole curl health, from the inside out, use the mask once a week after washing. Depending on your hair type, you can use more OR less and keep it on your hair for half an hour for best results. 


    For a bit of extra shine and frizz control, prime and hydrate your hair with the Cruise Control Curl Cream. This dual-purpose lotion is perfect for keeping those flyaways at bay. Cruise control hydrates your hair as well as primes the strands for styling. Lightweight and suitable for all hair types, the cruise control lotion is designed to infuse and lock in moisture while creating a gentle hold. 


    Blonde curly girl kissing curl cream bottle



    Yeshair offers TWO unique gel's for curly hair for your finished look. 


    • Oomph - Volumising Gel is rich with anti-oxidants, Oomph will give you lasting volume and extra volume on days when you want that bit extra. Power-packed with plant proteins, the Oomph gel coats and strengthens your hair. For a thick, lustrous look, use both Oomph and POW. 


    • POW - strong hold gel offers a balance of hold and flexibility. Even the wildest curls will benefit from using the POW gel, loaded with plant proteins, aloe vera, eucalyptus and peppermint; the POW assists in building your curls from the base up. Sealing in hydrating and giving ultimate definition, the POW gel is the steeliest of the products. 


    Get the most "bang for your buck" out of wash days! 


    • Add texture with the Chutzpah Volumising mousse for curly hair. This lightweight foam has been created to help polish your curls and add texture and volume back in when they have lost their bounce. For sustained volume when styling over your gel. Chutzpah is excellent on all hair types and works perfectly for post-wash days when you want extra shine and control. 


    wet wavy hair and curly hair mousse


    How To Maintain Your Curly Hair:


    They're certainly not the sexiest sleep attire; however, for curly hair, they're a game changer. The Sleep Cozy is a lightweight stretchy tube that shields your curls overnight from continuous rubbing on your pillow while you sleep. Constant movement creates friction, which equals FRIZZ! And we all know frizz equals extra work each day to control and refresh. You can wear them when lounging around home, on the couch, on in bed. The results certainly make it worthwhile if you can handle feeling a little like a smurf. 



    The only oil for curly hair we recommend putting in your hair, the Hush Oil, helps protect your curls, adds shine and helps scrunch out the crunch on wash days. The oils also help to lock in hydration, helping your wash days last much longer. Our fav way to use Hush is Pre Wash-Day; on dry hair, using the palms of your hands, glaze through the lengths of your curls. It will soften the cuticle and act as a gentle cleanser, prepping the hair for wash day.

    Pro tip: If you have coarse grey hairs, focus this step on those strands. 


    Simple routines for simple gals, CURLS MADE EASY.


    Here at LOHY, we want to empower you to know how to maintain your curly hair, and to make things AS SIMPLE AS POSSIBLE we have simplified it even more! 


    Don't waste time figuring it out!

    Here are our recommended combos for the THREE curly hair types.


    Curly girl with Brunete 2c curls


    WAVY hair products

    Wash = Nourish & Flourish Shampoo and Conditioner + Styling = Oomph, POW, Chutzpah 



    Wash = Nourish & Flourish Shampoo + Drench & Quench Moisture Mask (instead of Nourish & Flourish Conditioner) Styling = Cruise Control Curl Cream + Oomph OR Pow (depending on the level of control you like) + Chutzpah for refresh post wash day. 


    • Wearing a curly hair sleep cozy to bed for sleep protection
    • Use the Hush hair oil, which protects your hair and smells divine.



    Pre Treat = Hush Nourishing Oil

    Wash = Nourish & Flourish Shampoo and Conditioner + Drench & Quench Moisture Mask. (coily hair needs ALL the hydration) Styling = Cruise control curl cream + Oomph and Pow + Chutzpah for refresh post wash. 


    • Wearing a curly hair sleep cosy to bed for sleep protection
    • Use the Hush hair oil, which protects your hair and smells divine.



    Most curly girls already know that curly hair without hydration and quality products can quickly become a ragged, tangled mess. Because we are ALL about embracing your naturally beautiful self, understanding your natural hair is the first step in embracing it and living your best curl life. 

     LOHY xx


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