How to brush curly hair; according to your stylist

How To Brush Curly Hair; According To Your Stylist

There is a lot of 'HOO-HAH' about brushing curly hair; what you should do, and what you shouldn't do, especially when it comes to dry brushing. So we’ve asked the expert to weigh in!

Salon owner and Curl Guru Jonina Menzies shares her thoughts on brushing curly hair.  


Two things you need to know about brushing curly hair.

  1. Brushing your curls when DRY is the best way to detangle your hair. 
  2. The GOAL of brushing hair is to evenly distribute your styling products and ensure all your strands receive hydration.

Detangling + Dry Brushing

When is the best time to brush curly hair? Easy! Brush your hair before you hit the shower! Once believed to be bad for your curly hair, brushing your hair when its dry is actually the best way to protect it from breakage. 


"This is key to detangling without breaking and damaging your hair by brushing it dry". 

When your hair is wet the hair's elasticity is more exposed and prone to snapping. The tugging and pulling of a brush can cause more damage to the hair's internal fibres. So if you know that your hair is super tangled and needs to be brushed, always do this before you wet, or wash it. 


How to brush curly hair, according to your stylist

Brushing to Distribute Products 

Brushing can significantly enhance your styling and hydration routine. 

Brushing your wet strands with hydrating products ensures that every strand is evenly coated.

“This means each strand of your hair receives hydration and protection, reducing the risk of frizz and uneven curl patterns”.

“Once you've applied your styling products, brushing helps to distribute them evenly across your hair. This not only ensures consistent hydration but also enhances your styling efforts, resulting in more defined and uniform curls”.

“Without brushing, many strands miss out on these essential products, leading to annoying frizzy spots and a lack of curl consistency”. 

By brushing your styling products through your wet curls, you guarantee an even application and better overall results. 

How to Brush curly hair according to your stylist


Why is brushing curly hair so misunderstood?

"Brushing curly hair is often misunderstood because of a lack of awareness around looking after curly hair. Curly hair behaves differently to straight hair. Unlike straight hair, curls are more prone to dryness, tangling, and breakage. If you approach curly hair care with the same techniques used for straight hair, you’ll no doubt be frustrated and cause damage to your curls”. 

"Culturally, straight hair has long been idealised as the beauty standard, leading to a lack of understanding and care for curly - and naturally textured hair. At Lohy, our goal is to change that so everyone learns to embrace their natural beauty".

Why is there so much conflicting advice around brushing curls, especially when they're dry? The confusion comes from a lack of education around caring for curly hair. Thankfully, this is changing! Increased awareness and a growing movement within the beauty industry towards inclusivity and the celebration of diverse hair textures.


"The shift towards treating curls differently is the result of increased awareness and education about curly hair care. As a result, more people are now embracing their natural curls and seeking out the best ways to care for and style them. It’s exciting to be a part of creating specialised products and teaching techniques for curly hair. I look forward to seeing what the next 10 years will bring across the industry”. 

Brushing Curly Hair FAQS 

What are the benefits of brushing your scalp? Your scalp will always benefit from a good brush. Brushing helps to massage in natural oils and lifts any funk off the scalp. 

So curls CAN be brushed? Yes, that's right. The misconception around brushing curls lies in the assumption that curly hair should be treated the same way as straight hair. Unlike straight hair, curly hair is more prone to breakage and frizz. 

Brushing hair dry is not the big “no -no” we once thought it was? Exactly! When you think about brushing curly hair, it's actually about first, detangling your hair dry, and then using your brush as a tool to evenly distribute products and assist in hydrating your curls. 

Why is hair more prone to breakage when it's wet? When hair is wet, it's more elastic which leave sit vulnerable to breakage. 


Love and Hydration xx 

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