Dry Shampoo! The Ultimate Style Hack For The Lazy, Time Poor And ‘On The Go’ Girls!

Dry Shampoo! The Ultimate Style Hack For The Lazy, Time Poor And ‘On The Go’ Girls!

No Time For A Wash? ‘Rain Check’!

Busy. Time poor, or just plain old feeling lazy?… whatever your reason for avoiding a wash day, we’ve got your covered!
Rain Check is the latest development in the Lohy HQ, and its causing quite a stir! For too long curly girls (and guys) have waited for a dry shampoo that's not only kind to curls, but cares for them too! 
In today's fast-paced world, finding shortcuts that don't compromise on quality is akin to striking gold. That's why dry shampoo, your hair's new best friend, is quite possibly the most ingenious hair care invention to date. 

It's more than just a quick fix for skipping a wash day; it's a lifestyle essential!

I'm here to tell you why Lohy’s latest innovation ‘Rain Check’ - Texturising Dry Shampoo, might just be the secret weapon your hair has been looking for. 

What's So Good About Dry Shampoo?

Instant Refreshment of course!
Curly girls (and guys, I know we talk about the girls a lot, but you guys matter too!) know that the longer you can go between wash days, the better! There's less chance of stripping your hair of natural oils, maintaining hydration, and let's be honest, wash days are so time consuming!! Imagine though; waking up, shaking out your yesterday's curls from your Sleep Cozy, a few spritzes of Rain Check and you’re on your way! 
You've basically cheated your way to freshly washed curls! 
A spritz of Dry Shampoo gives an immediate volume boost. Besides banishing excess oil, Rain Check adds an instant lift to your roots and restores lost shape to your curls. Perfect for when your hair decides to go flat, or if you've had a restless night's sleep. 
An all in one hair rescuer and style saviour! Unlike other products, dry shampoo is created to gently absorb excess oil on the scalp, it means you can extend the life of your styled hair for another day- or two! Ditch the wash day dilemma and use dry shampoo when you want instant refreshed hair that lasts all day. 

Can Curly Hair Tolerate Dry Shampoo? 

Of course! Curly hair can be more prone to drying out, losing shape and generally being a bit difficult. However, the unique blend of organic and natural ingredients in Rain Check means that the health of your curls wont be compromised when you need a quick styling option. Unlike other dry shampoos and hair products, Lohy have created Rain Check with textured hair in mind. Straight, wavy, curly or coily, dry shampoo can be a game changer to your styling routine. 
dry shampoo after workout

Post-Workout Refresh

Gone are the days of choosing between a workout and hair wash schedule. A quick spray on your roots post-gym can absorb sweat and oil, leaving your hair refreshed and voluminous ready for any post-gym selfies. Don't be embarrassed, we all do it!

Embracing Laziness

Let's be real; sometimes, we just can't be bothered. On days when your bed is too comfortable, or your schedule too packed, dry shampoo is the perfect way to keep your hair looking like you put in the effort, even when you haven't. 

I've said it before, and I'll say it again - dry shampoo is the ultimate lazy girl hack for saving time and looking ‘put together’. 

Embrace your lazy self once in a while, it's basically a form of self care!

Time-Saving For The Time-Poor 

We're all trying to juggle a million things at once, and dry shampoo acknowledges that. It offers a way to save precious time while ensuring your hair doesn't feel (or look!) neglected. It's the simplest time saving trick, for the time-poor. 
Busy Mum? No problems. Shower later. Whip in some dry shampoo and you’re on your way to playgroup. Juggling a tight work schedule and peak hour traffic? Simple. Do your hair on the way, or in the back of an uber.
Dry shampoo changes the way we ‘do hair’. It's not an everyday thing- but it sure does get us out of trouble when we’re in a hurry. 

Dry shampoo isn't just a product; it's a game changer for your lifestyle!
It acknowledges our love for beauty, our need for convenience, and our unending quest for more hours in the day. 


FAQs for Using Dry Shampoo

Q: Can dry shampoo replace regular washing?
A: While it's a fantastic temporary solution, it shouldn't replace regular shampoo and conditioning.
Q: Will it leave a residue?
A: Proper application and massage should eliminate residue. 
Q: Can I use it on coloured hair?
A: Absolutely! It's safe for coloured hair and can even help extend your colour by reducing wash frequency.
Q: How often can I use dry shampoo?
A: Depending on your hair type and oiliness, 1-2 times between washes is recommended to prevent buildup.




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