Achieving the perfect twist-out in 7 easy steps

Achieving the perfect twist-out in 7 easy steps

  If you're looking for a fun and easy way to express (and manage) your natural curls, a twist-out could be your perfect hairstyle! 
Choose your twist
Apply Products
With the correct technique, and following these seven easy steps, you can achieve a stylish twist-out that can last for days and help enhance your natural curls.
This style is perfect for Type 3 and Type 4 hair types, as a twist-out helps define and elongate the curls while providing lots of bounce and shine. 

9 tools you will need to achieve a twist out


Before attempting a twist-out, make sure that your hair is clean and free of any product build-up. Use a sulphate-free shampoo to remove dirt and build-up from your scalp and strands.
If you have type 4 hair, you can focus your technique on elongating the product through the lengths and beginning your detangling and shedding. Opt for a more Hydrating Shampoo for your second wash.

Hydrate + detangle 

After washing, you'll want to ensure your hair is deeply hydrated and conditioned. Use a rich moisturising conditioner to give your hair the nourishment it needs, and begin to detangle from the roots all the way down using a wide-tooth comb or a flexi brush.
It is best to take sections and work your way through to remove shedding and push hydration into your strands. Your goal is to get a slippery wet noodle feeling to your strands, adding more water and conditioner as needed.

Choose Your Style

Once your hair is clean and hydrated, choose your twist-out style. Depending on your preference, you can go for a more defined look or a more relaxed look, either using a flat twist or a two-strand twist. 
Two strand Vs Three Strand Twist out
Blackgirlcurls sums it up perfectly with this handy PRO's and CON's chart for both styles. 

Apply products

Once you've chosen your twist-out style, it's time to apply your styling products and get twisting. First prime and fill the strands with a leave-in, this gives an extra layer of hydration to aid in longevity.
Next, apply a gel with a good amount of hold using a flexi brush to distribute the gel, making sure each strand is covered. You can layer a softer gel/foam to create extra shine. This step is optional but perfect for type 4 hair. 


  1. Divide your hair into large, manageable sections and secure each with clips or a small bun. Dividing the hair will make the styling process much easier. 
  2. Within the sections, part the hair into sub-sections of about an inch each, making sure to split them evenly so that you don't have to take hair from one half of the sub-section to complete the twist. 
  3. After your hair is sectioned, apply more gel if necessary. Otherwise, starting close to the scalp and using consistent tension, twist each section (by twisting the two pieces of hair around each other) until the entire head is complete. While you work, keep a Mist Spray Bottle of warm water nearby to keep the hair damp and prevent frizz. You can always add more product if needed, especially towards the ends to "tie them off". (If your hair is fine or low density, apply less product to slightly damp hair and just stick with water.) 
  4. When you're done, you'll have a beautiful twist out with high-definition results, flexible hold, and tons of volume and shine. you can either leave your twists in, or unravel for a more extravagant style.


Allow twists to dry completely. Once you've finished styling your twist-out, give your hair at least 6- 8 hours or even overnight to dry. You can check that your hair is completely dry by pinching a section of hair and squeezing it. If it's still damp, you'll need to wait until it's fully dry before you can unravel your twists. A good rule of thumb is to leave it in overnight or hover diffuse to give it a bit of a boost. If you leave it overnight, wear a cosy or some sleep protection to avoid unwanted frizz.


Once you're sure your hair is dry, you can unravel your twists. Gently undo the twists one by one, and as you go, fluff out the curls with your fingers, or if you want volume, use a hair pick. A good rule of thumb is, for more volume and lots of bounce, unravel the curl clumps until you're happy with the result. Keep the coils mostly intact for less sizable curls and only unravel a little. Everyone is different, and styling will be different for everyone. 
Following these seven easy steps, you can achieve a beautiful twist-out that looks great and lasts for days, often up to a week or more. The twist-out works best on coily curls and fro's as it helps define and elongate the curls while providing lots of bounce and shine. With the correct technique, you can achieve a stunning twist-out that will make you look and feel your best!
Twist out

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