Do it. It’s the best thing you’ll do it for yourself.” ~ Nerolie

Do it. It’s the best thing you’ll do it for yourself.” ~ Nerolie

Hear It From Real, Extraordinary, Aussie Women…

Jo: Hi, everyone. It is Jo here from Yes Hair Australia, and I have with me a beautiful new client and friend. Her name is Nerolie, so everybody say hi.

Nerolie: Hello. Hello.

Jo: I’m just gonna ask Nerolie a few questions about her Yes Hair transformation. So, Nerolie, just explain for us what your hair was like, previous, before coming and learning about our program and changing to our products.

Nerolie: Well, I always wanted to have as curly hair as I could possibly get, and I looked…went to heaps of hairdressers. I actually was really happy to have hairdressers do my hair all the time every week. 

And I found, you know, it was very hard to find anyone that can do anything with curly hair, but I was reasonably happy with the people I’ve been going to for a few years.

But basically, at best, the curls were good on the day but within two or three days, were really bad and then I’d have to put lots of product in, and it often wouldn’t work. 

And basically, if I wanted to look good, I’d have to go to the hairdressers that day if I was going out…

Jo: Wow.

Nerolie: …to have good looking hair, you know, feel good when I went out, which is a bit of pressure…

Jo: Yeah. That’s a…

Nerolie: …to have to go to the hairdresser…

Jo: …a lot of pressure…

Nerolie: …because…

Jo: …to organize your life.

Nerolie: Organize your life. Yeah.

Jo: Yeah. So, obviously, you’ve been to our salon, where you’ve learned our program, and you’ve made the change to organic-based products and just the beauty that they bring to curls, so what would the difference be for you now?

Nerolie: Well, my hair stays curly between visits, and I’ve just come here, and it’s been two weeks, and I walked in, and my hair was really curly. Well, it looks extra curly now, but it stayed amazingly curly the whole time. I don’t put any product in it. I just run my fingers through it for maybe 30 seconds…

Jo: Wow.

Nerolie: …if that, and I’m really happy with my hair every day.

Jo: Amazing. And, is it something, like, people notice about you…?

Nerolie: Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Oh, look, so many of my friends and family have gone, “Wow. Mom, your hair looks great. Yeah. Your hair is so curly, it’s so different. It looks terrific. I really like it.” So I’ve got a lot of very positive comments, so that makes me feel good.

Jo: Incredible. So now, imagine there’s a woman sitting just here watching us in the comfort of her home, what would you say to somebody who was questioning, should they take the plunge and invest in educating themselves about their hair?

Nerolie: Do it. It’s really simple. The way you explained it to me, Jo, I got it straight away, and it makes incredible sense. It just really makes sense, and it works. It works. The products are amazing, the technique is terrific, and it, yeah, it just works. Do it. It’s the best thing you’ll do it for yourself. Do it.

Jo: Well, there you go. This is it from the words of Nerolie and take the one wash challenge, guys. Why not? So, hopefully, you head online, click “buy now,” and these goodies will come to you from the posty very soon. Thanks so much.

Nerolie: See ya.

Jo: Bye.

P.S. Go on, live a little! Take Nerolie’s advice – Take the One Wash Challenge today! Your curls will thank you for it! 

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